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Tim Dertwinkel (2008). Economic Exclusion of Ethnic Minorities: On the
Importance of Concept Specification. ECMI Issue Brief #19.

This issue brief addresses the questions such as: What does 'economic
exclusion' really mean? How does it relate to the broader and more
established phenomenon of social exclusion?  Is economic exclusion,
especially when applied to historical ethnic minorities, worthwhile
studying in its own right, or is it just a fashionable reframing of
'older' development concepts such as poverty or income inequality? The
argument here is that the proper concept specification related to
economic exclusion is overdue mainly due to two reasons. First, there is
a recent increase in the use of the term, prominently taken up and
further promoted by the work of minority rights related institutions and
practitioners. Second, in sharp contrast to fast emerging policy
programs and legal frameworks, theoretical or conceptual clarifications
- as well as empirical results on factors promoting or mitigating
economic exclusion - are rare. The main argument put forward is, that up
to now, working definitions of economic exclusion have been broad and
extensive, and tend to vary according to institution and legal frame.
This lack of conceptual specification makes it almost impossible for
empirical work to catch up with recent normative

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