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News from the SOVA Center


Russia Reported on Human Rights at the UN -

On February 4, 2009, in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council's Universal
Periodic Review Working Group reviewed the fulfillment of human rights
obligations by the Russian Federation.


Reports and Analytics 

Hate Language and Elections: Federal and Regional Levels. Monitoring
Results - http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB4208/C6EBE50 

SOVA Center for information and Analysis publishes short results of
monitoring studies of hate language in Russian Mass Media. The list of
monitored media included 54 print and broadcast outlets in Moscow and 6
other regions (Krasnodar, Penza, Saratov, Izhevsk, Yaroslavl, Barnaul).
The monitoring was carried out between 1 September 2007 and March 2008,
and it coincided with the State Duma and Presidential election

Conference Papers and Other Documents

Materials Prepared by Russian NGOs for the Universal Periodic Review of
Russia in the United Nations Human Rights Council -

This collection of materials has been produced in August-September 2008
by a coalition of Russian NGOs for submission to the United Nations
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the course of
preparation of Universal Periodic Review of implementation of
international obligations by the Russian Federation in the UN Human
Rights Council. The materials have been prepared in accordance with the
Office of the HCHR guidelines and include recommendations and references
to more detailed reports and publications. The coalition includes the
following NGOs: SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, Center for the
Development of Democracy and Human Rights, "Public Verdict" Foundation,
"Memorial" Human Rights Center, Institute for Human Rights, Moscow
Helsinki Group, Center for Social and Labor Rights, "Golos" Association,
Glasnost Defense Foundation, Youth Human Rights Movement, Center
"Demos", "Social Partnership" Foundation, "Perspektiva", "Civic
Assistance to Refugees and Forced Migrants" Committee, and Interregional
Committee Against Torture.

You also can download the report as a Word document.


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