MINELRES: ECMI Training Workshop in Georgia

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Sun Dec 20 13:07:42 2009

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Language, Media, Education and Culture as part of Minority Governance in

An intensive training delivered to the Georgian Inter-ministerial
Coordination Group on Minority Issues under the Ministry of
Reintegration brought together representatives of the Ministry of
Culture, Monument Protection and Sports; the Ministry of Education and
Science; the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development;
Teachers' Professional Development Centre; National Curriculum and
Attestation Centre; as well as a large group of minority programming
division of the Public Broadcasting Company of Georgia. The training
aimed at providing a broader understanding of minority rights and state
obligations for the protection and promotion of minority cultural
visibility in the public sphere. Georgia is in the process of reforming
many aspects of public administration, decentralisation and education as
parts of civic integration programme. The training is conducted within
the "Denmark's Caucasus Programme", implemented in collaboration with
the Council of Europe and ECMI as partners. 
Place and Date: Tbilisi, 08-10 December 2009 
For further information, contact Ewa Chylinski -  chylinski@ecmi.de