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For diversity - Against discrimination 

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EQUALITY IN ACTION &#65533; Autumn Edition 2009 

The Autumn 2009 edition of &#65533;Equality in Action&#65533; is now available on the
European Commission website. 

Besides highlighting some of the latest events in the field of equality
and non-discrimination throughout Europe such as the second meeting from
the European Platform for Roma Inclusion or the good practice exchange
seminar on non-discrimination mainstreaming, this edition also examines
a set of articles from the newly ratified Lisbon Treaty supporting
anti-discrimination policies and actions. 
The newsletter also gives an insight into the third Equality Summit to
be held in Stockholm on 16 and 17 November 2009. 

EU action against discrimination &#65533; Activity report 2007-08

The report &#65533;EU action against discrimination&#65533; presents the activities
carried out by the European Commission in 2007-08 to fight
discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or
belief, disability, age or sexual orientation as regards to employment
and occupation. 
It describes the policy and partnership aspects, the state of play in
the legislation and its implementation at national level including some
case law and the various activities conducted to communicate equality.
This publication is available in printed format in English, French and
German and in electronic format in all other EU official languages.

Seminars to Raise Awareness among Legal practitioners on EU Equality law 

The European Law Academy of Trier < http://www.era.int/ > has been
charged of organising a series of seminars to increase the awareness of
EU law on gender equality and anti-discrimination among legal
practitioners. These seminars cover both EU gender equality law and EU
Anti-discrimination law. They are aimed at training legal practitioners
(lawyers, judges, prosecutors, or from trade unions or employers'
associations, or NGOs) as well as university professors and law
lecturers who will be able to disseminate the knowledge gained within
their professional sectors. 

Announcement website www.non-discrimination.net 

The European Network of legal experts in the non-discrimination field ,
which does provide the European Commission with independent information
and advice on all the grounds of discrimination covered by Directive
2000/43/EC and Directive 2000/78/EC, has launched its website at the
following address : www.non-discrimination.net. 
Visitors can find documents produced by the Network (such as the
European Anti-discrimination Law Review, Comparatives analysis and
numerous thematic reports) as well as other information relating to
anti-discrimination law. 
The legal state of affairs in EU Member states is presented in country
pages, including the annual country reports and executive summaries.
Furthermore, legislative developments and non exhaustive case law at the
European (both the European Court of Justice and the European Court of
Human Rights) and national level will be published on an ongoing basis. 
All documents can be easily identified through the use of search
criteria, such as the ground of discrimination (i.e. race/ethnic origin,
religion/belief, disability, age and sexual orientation, plus multiple
grounds) and the field (i.e. employment, social protection, social
advantages, education, access to and provision of goods and services,
housing, etc). 

New website on the awareness-raising campaign "For Diversity. Against

The website of the awareness-raising campaign "For Diversity. Against
Discrimination" of the European Commission has just been revamped! More
punchy, more friendly, more accessible, these new webpages give you
access to the most recent information about the campaign activities
(diversity days, journalist award, national events), audiovisual and
printed material, as well as information and contact details in your
New comprehensive sections are dedicated to diversity and business and
diversity and you. The latter offers information and advice based on the
different grounds of discrimination. It is available in 23 languages. 
The campaign is organised in all 27 EU Member States to raise awareness
of discrimination and the legislation which exists to combat it as well
as to highlight the benefits of diversity within the workplace and
society at large. 
Have a look at: www.stop-discrimination.info


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