MINELRES: Ethnic Differences in Education (migrants and Roma)

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EDUMIGROM Bulletin (July 2009)

Dear Colleagues, 

We are contacting you with information regarding a research initiative
led by the Center for Policy Studies at CEU, a comparative endeavor
analyzing ethnic differences in education in ten countries of the EU. We
have already been in touch with some of you in the last year regarding
the EDUMIGROM project, but we would like to again take this opportunity
to share with you this brief update on our main findings to date. 

We encourage you to be in touch with us should our project find common
ground with some of your own programs and initiatives. 

Yours sincerely,

Viola Zentai

EDUMIGROM Consortium Director
Center for Policy Studies 
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary



'Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth
in an Enlarged Europe', (EDUMIGROM).

EDUMIGROM, a three-year long research project funded through the 7th
Framework Program of the European Commission, aims to study how ethnic
differences in education contribute to the diverging prospects for
minority ethnic youth and their peers in urban settings. The project
runs in nine member states of the European Union focusing on groups of
second-generation immigrants in Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and the
United Kingdom, as well as Roma communities in the Czech Republic,
Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. 

Through a comparative endeavor, which employs both quantitative and
qualitative methods the project explores how far the existing
educational policies, practices and experiences in markedly different
welfare regimes protect minority ethnic youth against marginalization
and eventual social exclusion. It aims to reveal those mechanisms in
socio-economic, political, cultural and gender relations that make
ethnicity a basic component of regimes of power/knowledge and examine
how schools operate in their roles of socialization, knowledge
distribution, and how they contribute to reducing, maintaining or
deepening inequalities in young people's life. It will explore how
ethnic affiliation is made to become both the most relevant signifier of
a person's identity and instrumental in legitimizing a highly unequal
distribution of advantages brought about by the market and prevailing
power relations as well as reinforcing a set of cultural and behavioral

EDUMIGROM main results (March 2008 - August 2009)

Szalai, Julia, et.al. 2008. Ethnic Differences in Compulsory Education.

Zentai, Violetta. 2009. European Educational Policies for Minorities:
experiences for old and new member states regarding institutional
infrastructure, regulation of admission and attendance and dominant
school practices (forthcoming, fall 2009)

Moldenhawer, Bolette and Frauke Miera, Jenny Kallstenius, Vera Messing,
Claire Schiff. 2009. Comparative Report on Education.
Szalai, Julia and Marcus Carson, Zuzana Kusa, Eniko Magyari-Vincze,
Violetta Zentai. 2009. Comparative Report on Educational Policies for
Law, Ian and Michal Nekorjak, Ondrej Daniel, Roza Vajda. 2009.
Comparative Report on Ethnic Relations. 

Country Report on Education: Czech Republic
Country Report on Education: Nordic (Denmark and Sweden)
Country Report on Education: France
Country Report on Education: Germany
Country Report on Education: Hungary
Country Report on Education: Romania
Country Report on Education: Slovakia
Country Report on Education: United Kingdom 2008:
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Czech Republic
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Nordic (Denmark and Sweden)
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: France
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Germany
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Hungary
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Romania
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Slovakia 
Country Report on Ethnic Relations: United Kingdom

No. 1, March 2009
No. 2, September 2009

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