MINELRES: Appeal of anti-fascist organizations of Baltic countries

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Sat Aug 1 10:29:21 2009

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Appeal of anti-fascist organizations of Baltic countries

Rallies of former SS members, collaborators who fought on the side of
Hitler’s army in the World War II, and this army brought millions of
victims and destructions – these rallies are held in Estonia annually.
Not a single state of the world approves and greets such assemblies on
its territory, and just in Latvia and Estonia, with tacit consent of
authorities and their connivance, moreover, with participation of
representatives of power-holding structures, such activities became
possible. These celebrations attracting not just veterans of SS troops
but also all the adherents of Nazi and neo-Nazi ideology from various
countries of the world actually became a hotbed of these ideas being
fatally dangerous for the world and mankind.

The UN General Assembly called upon the member-countries more than once
in its resolutions for non-admittance of such assemblages. But Estonian
and Latvian authorities ignore the resolutions of this most
authoritative organization.

Quite the contrary, Estonian authorities try to block most actively the
activity of anti-fascist organizations that protest against holding of
solemn activities which praise the Nazi past. Activists of anti-fascist
movements of neighboring countries are announced a priori non grata
persons making a threat for Estonian statehood and are expelled from the
country. Authorities of Estonia manage to include the citizens of
Schengen zone who were born and reside permanently on the European Union
territory, into the “black lists” of Schengen (SIS), and this is the
direct breach not of just civil rights and liberties but also of the
Schengen agreements that are obligatory for execution by all the
member-countries. Activists of anti-fascist movement of Estonia are
subject to permanent repressions and persecutions.

Thus the activists of public movement “Night Watch”, members of Finnish
anti-fascist committee who showed legal Estonian documents causing no
doubt were groundlessly detained “for personal identification” this year
too, and Latvian anti-fascists were simply expelled from the country.

In their statements for press, the leaders of Ministry of home affairs
of Estonia call for sure the activists of anti-fascist movement
“extremists”, though none of them committed any delinquencies both on
the territory of their countries and on the territory of Estonia, and
the organization “Night Watch” was acquitted completely by the supreme
instance court of Estonia. At the same time the Estonian authorities do
everything to provide the “most-favored nation treatment” for neo-Nazis
of the whole Europe arriving to Estonia to the SS assemblages. None of
the neo-Nazis inciting the race hatred openly and propagating the
“glorious Nazi past” was ever detained.

We think that such assemblages of Nazi accomplices as those in Estonia
at Sinimae or processions of legionaries in the center of Riga, making
heroes of Nazis in the eyes of young generation of Estonia and Latvia
make a threat for stability in these states and undermine the values
being the basis of contemporary tolerant European society.

We state that the actions of Estonian authorities against our activists
are a crime and contradict the principal human rights, that composing of
“black lists” by Estonian ministry of home affairs and subsequent
practice of deportation of persons being out of favor with the ruling
regime from Estonia is the legacy of totalitarianism. We, residents of
the European Union, address the European parliament with request to
examine the facts of making heroes of Nazi criminals in Estonia and
Latvia, of criminal attempts to distort the history and results of the
World War II as well as the facts of deportations of EC residents from
EC member-countries for their anti-fascist activity.

Co-chairman of Latvian Anti-fascist Committee Joseph Koren

Secretary of Estonian anti-fascist committee named after Arnold Meri
Andrey Zarenkov

Chairman of Anti-fascist committee of Finland Johan Backman

Member of board of administration of NCO Night Watch Maxim Reva

Member of board of administration of NCO Night Watch Dmitry Linter

Member of the Public chamber, Director of Moscow bureau for human rights

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