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The Final Program of the ASN 2009 World Convention is attached and
posted at www.nationalities.org. The Convention, sponsored by the
Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, starts Thursday and
runs until Saturday, April 23-25, 2009. 
**Registration fees are $60 for ASN members, $80 for nonmembers, $40 for
students (and a special rate of $20 for graduate students enrolled in
New York universities). Registration forms can be downloaded at
www.nationalities.org. For registration information, please contact
Lydia Hamilton (lch2111@columbia.edu). For general convention
information, contact ASN Executive Director Gordon Bardos
(gnb12@columbia.edu or 212 854 8487)**
As always, the Convention boasts the most international lineup of
panelists of North American-based conventions, with more than half of
the 350+ scholars, from more than 40 countries, who will be delivering
papers currently based outside of the United States. More than 700
panelists and participants are expected at the convention. 
In the wake of seminal events that have unfolded in 2008, the Convention
will feature four panels in a special section on “The War in Georgia and
its Implications” and four on “The Independence of Kosovo.” These will
enrich an exceptionally strong lineup of panels in all regions of the
former Communist world and Eurasia: Russia, the Caucasus, Central
Asia/Turkey/China, the Balkans, Ukraine and Central Europe (including
the Baltics and Moldova). The Central Europe and the Balkans sections
lead the way with 23 panels each, followed by Central
Asia/China/Turkey—with a combined 16 panels, Ukraine and Belarus—10, the
Caucasus—9, and Russia—8 (excluding the Northern Caucasus). Twelve
panels appear in the “Thematic” section. Recurrent themes on the program
include the Politics of Memory, Mass Violence, War Tribunals, EU
Enlargement, Ethnography, Ethnic Minorities and Diasporas.
The Convention will be hosting ten special panels featuring new
important books by Anders Aslund, How Ukraine Became a Market Economy
and Democracy (Peterson Institute, 2009),  Brendan O’Leary, How to Get
Out of Iraq with Integrity (Penn Press, 2009), Dejan Djokic, Elusive
Compromise: A History of Interwar Yugoslavia (Columbia, 2007), John Hall
(Ernest Gellner: An Intellectual Biography, Verso 2009), Timothy Snyder
(The Red Prince: The Secret Live of a Habsburg Archduke, Yale 2008),
Henry Hale (The Foundations of Ethnic Politics: Separatism of States and
Nations in Eurasia and the World, Cambridge 2008), Stephen M. Saideman
and R. William Ayres (For Kin or Country: Xenophobia, Nationalism, and
War, Columbia 2008), Zsuzsa Csergo (Talk of the Nation: Language and
Conflict in Romania and Slovakia, Cornell 2007), Charles Ingrao and
Thomas A. Emmert, eds. (Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies, Purdue
2009) and Larissa Onyshkevych and Maria G. Rewakowicz, eds.
(Contemporary Ukraine on the Cultural Map of Europe, M. E. Sharpe,
2009). The Ingrao and Emmert book was featured in the news section of
the New York Times a few weeks ago.

Two of these book panels are part of the section “Theories of
Nationalism,” now in its sixth year at the ASN Convention, which offers
a platform for the latest trends in nationalism studies worldwide.
Fourteen more panels appear in the Nationalism section, such as
“Processes of Violence,”“Things Fall Apart: The Politics of
Fragmentation in Armed Groups,” and “How (Not) to Study Ethnic
Since 2005, the ASN Convention has acknowledged excellence in graduate
studies research by offering Awards for Best Doctoral Student Papers in
five sections: Russia/Ukraine/Caucasus, Central Asia/Eurasia, Central
Europe, Balkans, and Nationalism Studies. The winners at the 2008
Convention were Jesse Driscoll (Stanford U, Political Science) for
Russia/Ukraine/Caucasus, Sarah Cameron (History, Yale U) and Kristin
Fabbe (Political Science, MIT, US) for Central Asia/Eurasia/Turkey,
Helena Toth (Harvard U, History) for Central Europe, Valentina Burrai
(UC London, UK, Political Science) for the Balkans, and Lee Seymour
(Northwestern U, Political Science) for Nationalism Studies. More than a
hundred doctoral students will be eligible for the awards at the 2009
Convention. The Convention will also acknowledge the winners of the
SciencesPo-ASN 2008 Paris Conference: Aurelie Biard (SciencesPo, Paris,
France, Political Science) for Eurasia, Benjamin Guichard (U de Paris-1,
France, History) for Russia, Corina-Maria Palasan (U of Bucharest,
Romania, History) for Central Europe, and John Paul Newman (U College
Dublin, Ireland, History) for the Balkans.

For practical information regarding the convention, please contact
Gordon Bardos (gnb12@columbia.edu, 212 854 8487). For registration
information, please contact Lydia Hamilton (lch2111@columbia.edu). For
information on panels, please contact Dominique Arel (darel@uottawa.ca).
We look forward to seeing you at the convention! 
Dominique Arel, ASN President
Gordon N Bardos, Convention Executive Director
Sherrill Stroschein, Program Chair
on behalf of the ASN Convention Organizing

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