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News from the SOVA Center


Galina Kozhevnikova. Radical Nationalism in Russia in 2008, and Efforts
to Counteract It - http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB4208/CCD6D21 

Edited by Alexander Verkhovsky

We publish English version of our annual report, based on the daily


The SOVA Center's third annual report on freedom of conscience in the
Russian Federation

We offer to your attention our annual report "Restrictions and
Challenges in 2008 on Freedom of Conscience in Russia", based on the
daily monitoring of relations between the churches and the secular
society in Russia (see
http://religion.sova-center.ru/publications/194EF5E). The goal of this
report is to identify major trends and problems in this sphere, thus
only the most significant and typical incidents are mentioned in this


March 2009. Monthly summary -

In March, 2009, not less than 16 people became victims of hate motivated
violence, including 4 fatalities. In the same period of time, in 2008,
not less than 58 victims, including 13 fatalities, were reported. In
all, from the beginning of 2009, 21 people were murdered and 70 were


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