MINELRES: International Human Rights Groups Urge Human Rights Respect of Roma and Government-Roma Partnership

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International Human Rights Groups Urge Human Rights Respect of Roma and
Government-Roma Partnership 

8 April 2009, Budapest, Brussels: Today, the European Roma Rights Centre
(ERRC) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged Serbian authorities to take
immediate and decisive action to ensure an adequate and sustained
alternative accommodation to the 47 Romani families forcibly evicted by
authorities in Novi Beograd on 3 April. The organisations also requested
that the individuals concerned be given compensation for lost property
and other damage associated with the forced eviction and destruction of

Referring to Serbia’s international law commitments, the ERRC and HRW
recalled the obligations of governments’ to respect, protect and fulfil
the right to adequate housing, including the prohibition on forced
evictions. The organisations urged the Serbian government to ensure that
Romani communities in similarly precarious positions are afforded
appropriate protections against forced evictions and to make certain
that individuals are not rendered homeless as a result of eviction
through the provision of adequate alternative housing. 

The full text of the letter is available HERE:
http://www.errc.org/db/03/C3/m000003C3.pdf . 

On the occasion of International Roma Day, the ERRC urges national
governments and international institutions to intensify efforts to work
with Romani civil society organisations to improve respect for the human
rights of Roma. Recently in many European countries, gross violations of
the rights of Roma have taken place and appear to be on the rise.
Effective partnership between government and Romani representatives, and
government support of Romani groups, is all the more important at this
time to quell the apparent increase in anti-Romani actions and to
promote real equality of Roma. 

For further information, contact: 

Idaver Memedov, ERRC International Advocacy Officer,
idaver.memedov@errc.org, +36.1.413.2200


The European Roma Rights Centre is an international public interest law
organisation which monitors the human rights situation of Roma and
provides legal defence in cases of human rights abuse. For more
information about the European Roma Rights Centre, visit the ERRC on the
web at http://www.errc.org 

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