MINELRES: Ethnic minorities of Georgia create a political alliance

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Thu Apr 9 12:16:21 2009

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Ethnic minorities of Georgia create a political alliance 

On 7th April 2009, at 13.00 p.m., in the premises of the Hotel
"Sheraton-Metekhi Palace" a presentation of an initiative group of the
political alliance "Equality" will be held. Activity of the Alliance
will be mainly directed at the application of ethnic minority
representatives' potential in terms of looking for the ways out of
difficult political and economical crisis existing in the state.      

The initiative group of the Alliance is composed of representatives of
the Georgian, Ossetian, Azerbaijanis, Armenian and other ethnic

Press-service of the Alliance 

For more information please call: 877 72 08 25, 899 97 50

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