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Title: "European Integration and its Effects on Minority Protection in 
South Eastern Europe"
Editors: Emma Lantschner, Joseph Marko, Antonija Petricusic
Publisher: Baden-Baden, 2008, Series of the European Academy of 
Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC), Department "Minorities and Autonomies", Volume 11 

The thematic background of this publication was the observation that
after the collapse of multinational communist political regimes it was not 
liberalism that had replaced communism as the legitimizing ideology in
the process of transformation from authoritarian to democratic political 
regimes, but rather ethno-nationalism. Consequently, the subsequent wars
in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo as well as the violent clashes 
in 2001 in Macedonia were perceived as violent ethnic conflicts. In
addition, even without the presence of large-scale violence, minority 
problems resulting from policies of discrimination and/or forced 
assimilation had also been plaguing other countries in South Eastern 
Europe, such as Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. Thus, by 1991 the European 
Union had already established "effective minority protection" as a 
requirement for recognition of the newly independent states and it also 
included this criterion in the (in)famous Copenhagen criteria of 1993, in 
particular as a political condition for full membership in the EU.

This publication provides a comparative and up-to-date analysis of
minority protection standards at the level of South East European 
countries as well as at the European level. After seeking to identify a 
developing common European standard of minority protection, it offers an 
answer to the question of how minority protection contributes to 
political as well as regional stability and to democratic 
institution-building in South Eastern Europe. Furthermore, it attempts 
to report whether the prospect of European integration and the EU's 
minority protection conditionality have contributed to regime stability 
and the democratic consolidation of these countries and whether minority 
protection as a conditionality requirement for EU accession is 
comprehensively being applied in the monitoring activities of the EU. 
Finally, it investigates the question of what legal and social indicators 
can be developed for future conflict prevention through early warning.



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