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Dear Friends, 

Many of us dream of going on safari to Kenya. We travel content in the
knowledge that our holidays protect endangered species, and our tourism
helps to boost the local economy. 

But we rarely wonder who lived on the land before we arrived there,
where they have disappeared to, or at what cost... 

Minority Rights Group believes that we all have a responsibility to
practice not just eco-tourism, but ethical tourism - so that minorities
and indigenous people are not evicted to make way for holiday-makers on
game reserves or pristine beaches.

Add your voice and join our Trouble in Paradise campaign
Please sign our online petition
<http://www.minorityrights.org/?lid=6775> in support of the Endorois, a
pastoralist community from Kenya, evicted from their ancestral lands to
make way for a game reserve in the 1970s.

The Facts - find out more about the Endorois

Thank you for support, 

MRG Campaigns Team

Emma Eastwood 
Media Officer 
Minority Rights Group International. 
54, Commercial Street, 
London E1 6LT 
T:  +44 (0) 20 7422 4205 
M: +44 (0) 7989 699984 
E: emma.eastwood@mrgmail.org 

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