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For diversity - Against discrimination
18 November 2008 

‘Equality in Action’ autumn 2008 now on-line 

The autumn 2008 edition of our on-line newsletter, ‘Equality in Action’
is now on-line. 

This edition of the newsletter is designed to help readers access the
various elements of the new social package, which was published by the
European Commission on the 2nd of July 2008. 

This far-reaching legislative package comprises several documents,
including a proposed Directive and a Commission Communication on
anti-discrimination. ‘Equality in Action’ guides readers through these
various elements, providing clear explanations, reactions to the package
and links to relevant information and contact points. 

To view the newsletter, please click here:

To order a printed copy of the newsletter, please contact

Sharing successful activities in Europe – France

Promoting diversity should transcend all stages of life and prevent
discrimination from affecting children and young people, as well as
people in the workplace. 

In France, initiatives are being undertaken to prevent discriminatory
attitudes from affecting high school students seeking to undertake work
experience programs. By helping young people gain an understanding of
the world of work, these programs form a crucial part of the school
curriculum. It is therefore essential that companies and organizations
are engaged and committed to preventing discrimination on all grounds
and at all levels.

It is in this context that, in early 2006, the Essone Department, in the
South of Paris, in cooperation with the local council’s centre for
political resources (‘Centre de Ressources Politiques de la Ville’)
launched an experimental non-discrimination project to ensure fair
access to internships for high school children. The initiative has
mobilized a range of actors with the aim of helping young people to
orient themselves towards a successful professional future. As an
overall objective, this initiative aims to ensure the eventual
involvement of all high schools belonging to zones of educational
priority in the region. 

For further information on this initiative, please consult the flyer
(available in French) of the Department -

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