MINELRES: Job: New Country Facilitator for the Roma Education Fund in the Balkans

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The Roma Education Fund seeks Country Facilitator for Bosnia and
Herzegovina and Croatia 

The Roma Education Fund (REF), which supports quality education for Roma
children, seeks a country facilitator to provide support to requesting
and implementing organizations for REF financed projects and to help in
the coordination of REF country program for Bosnia and Herzegovina and
Croatia. The successful candidate is expected, for an initial period of
up to 4 months to be assigned and provide support to REF’s portfolio in
Serbia and Montenegro too.

The candidate should possess the following:

- Speak fluent Serbo-Croatian, and have a very good command of English
language (written and spoken). Being a Romani speaker is a strong
- A university degree; 
- Experience in issues of education; 
- Excellent organization, administration and communication skills; 
- Experience in implementing and evaluating projects; 
- Good knowledge of issues related to Roma education and of the NGO
sector in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Similar knowledge of
Montenegro and Serbia will be a strong advantage. 
- Be reliable, accurate with a proven ability to work in team but also
ready to work on its own initiative. 

What will the job provide:

- Challenging and diverse tasks; 
- Work with a dynamic team of NGO and Government officials; 
- Competitive salary; 
- Work and learn at the international level; 
- The staff will benefit from training in country and in REF head office
in Budapest

The candidates from all the former Yugoslav Republics are encouraged to
apply for this position. The successful candidate will be expected to
live in one of the countries in which he/she works and to travel
frequently within the countries for which he/she is responsible. 

A copy of the full terms of reference for this position can be obtained
from www.romaeducationfund.org:

CV and motivation letter in English (including a proposal for wage
level), should be forwarded to: 

The deadline for applications is: November 20, 2008



The Roma Education Fund Country facilitator first task is to provide
support to requesting and implementing organization for REF financed
projects. This support is provided on request of the organizations to
facilitate smooth processing of project thru the approval, contracting,
implementation and evaluation cycle. The second task of the facilitator
is to provide information to REF on Roma education issues in the
concerned countries and help REF identify major policy or program and
project implementation issues including areas for potential REF support.
The third task of REF country facilitator is to provide information on
REF to local stakeholders and facilitate communication and coordination
between REF and other organizations involved in Roma Education.

The Country Facilitator does not take decisions on projects or on
policies on behalf of REF but ensures smooth flow of information between
REF and all country based stakeholders and builds up capacity of local
institutions as requested by REF. This means that he or she needs to
have not only solid project management skills but very strong diplomatic
skills and a good appreciation of when to refer an issue to REF and
where to directly interact with the concerned organization. This also
means that the Country Facilitator needs to remain in very close contact
with REF headquarters. The Country Facilitator will be expected to
travel frequently within the countries for which he/she is responsible.

Geographical coverage of the Country Facilitator assignment:

The Country facilitator shall perform his/her assignment in the
following countries: 
1. Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Croatia

For the initial period of the assignment, up to four months, he/she will
act support the REF programme in Montenegro and Serbia too, working with
the existing Country Facilitator, who will be going on maternity leave
in the new year. Once the existing Country Facilitator returns, REF, in
consultation with both Country Facilitators, will decide whether the new
Country Facilitator will work on Montenegro (in addition to Bosnia and
Herzegovina and Croatia).

More precisely the tasks of the REF country facilitator are as follows:

· Help REF identify project opportunities with local stakeholders
including donors such as EU, OSI and World Bank
· Provide advice and information on REF and on how to prepare a proposal
to organizations preparing proposals for REF financing
· Provide training and advice on participatory preparation of Project
Implementation Plans. 
· Provide training and support to organizations implementing REF
projects and on designing and implementing good monitoring programs.
· Provide assistance to the organizations implementing REF financed
projects when requested, on using the reporting format, on assessing
progress and on getting prepared for monitoring visits by REF.
· Support REF efforts to gather data on Roma and education in countries
the facilitator is assigned on. Collect reports, statistical data and
results of surveys and assessments and provide this information to REF. 
· Provide inputs for updating REF country strategies
· REF updated on any events has to do with Roma Education in countries
and policy issues that might affect Roma Inclusion in education systems.
· Produce short, lively stories on REF financed projects for REF web
· Provide information on REF at meetings, seminars, conferences on Roma
inclusion or Education reforms
· Facilitate in country coordination between various organizations
implementing REF projects and other stakeholders through regular
meetings and when requested by REF organization of seminars, training
sessions or other events.
· Provide standard training to Roma NGOs on education policies and on
project preparation and implementation.


The Country facilitator will agree each month on a work program with the
senior REF staff in charge of his or her work program. The country
facilitator will provide a short activity report at the end of each
month. The country facilitator will come to Budapest about every three
months for training and participation in REF headquarters activities.
The REF will negotiate with a local institution, if possible the office
of the Roma decade coordinator an office space with a computer and
communication facilities. The REF will finance field trips and some
local operational costs to ensure that the Country Coordinator has the
means to carry out its task.  The country facilitator will remain in
regular touch with REF through EM and phone

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