MINELRES: Fwd: EU Equality News, 17 october 2008

minelres@lists.microlink.lv minelres@lists.microlink.lv
Tue Nov 4 17:29:25 2008

Original sender: Equalitynews <info@equalitynews.eu>

Dear Sir/Madam,
Some of you might not have received our mailing of Friday 17 october due
to anti-spam policies.
Please view the mail online:
EN: http://www.equalitynews.eu/Nl_img/nl_okt_en.htm
DE: http://www.equalitynews.eu/Nl_img/nl_okt_de.htm
FR: http://www.equalitynews.eu/Nl_img/nl_okt_fr.htm 

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