MINELRES: Multinational Georgia: address to political parties and blocks; election monitors abroad

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Sun May 11 11:27:03 2008

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On 8th of May, 2008, Public Movement "Multinational Georgia" addressed
political parties and blocs participating in the Parliamentary elections
scheduled to take place on 21st of May with the request of sharing
information concerning violations recorded in the pre-election period,
as well as on election day. PMMG considers it important that information
is shared and verificated in a timely and effective manner, that will be
reflected in the final report prepared by PMMG and distributed among
international organizations. 

We would like to remind you that "Multinational Georgia" conducts
pre-election monitoring and is going to observe the forthcoming
parliamentary elections in the regions in which minorities are compact
settled (regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti and Shida
Kartli), where 80% of PCs will be covered. It should also be noted that
PMMG will have more than 300 observers in abovementioned places, among
whom 100 persons will be from Tbilisi. 

Press-centre of the Public Movement "Multinational Georgia"


New Initiative of "Multinational Georgia" on monitoring voting

The NGO "Multinational Georgia" is going to submit a letter to the
Central Election Commission to support the registration of election
observers for Georgian accredited embassies abroad. 

By preliminary information, the observers from "Multinational Georgia"
will attend more than six Georgian embassies, in particular in the
Russian Federation (Moscow), Republic of Armenia (Yerevan), the
Azerbaijani Republic (Baku), State of Israel (Tel Aviv), Latvia (Riga),
Republic of Ukraine (Kiev), Republic of Uzbekistan (Tashkent), and the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (London), to
monitor the conduct of Parliamentary elections.

This component is a part of Campaign of monitoring the elections carried
out by "Multinational Georgia". We would like to remind you that
"Multinational Georgia" is carrying out monitoring of the parliamentary
elections in Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, and parts of Shida Kartli
and Kakheti (areas in which national minorities live compactly),
involving more than 300 observers from the organization, covering about
70% of the minority electorate in these locations. 

Press service of Public Movement "Multinational Georgia"

Tel: 91-05-57
address: Iv. Javikhishvili street #82
e-mail: pmmg@caucasus.net

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