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News from the SOVA Center

April 2008: Monthly Results -
There were at least 24 racist and Neo-Nazi assaults in April 2008,
leaving 6 people dead and at least 38 injured. These numbers do not
include the victims of the mass scuffle in the Tver Region, which
occurred on April 5, because we are unsure of the nationalistic
motivation of the participants. Apart from Moscow, the attacks took
place in Vladivostok, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Penza,
Ryazan, and Stavropol. 

The Neo-Nazi Groups Threaten State and Public Officials -

In March 2008, radical right websites started to circulate a list of
Chief Justices, including their home addresses and personal information.
The list later expanded to include personal data on high-ranking
procuracy officials, MIA (MVD) employees, as well as public figures and
scientists who work on the problem of xenophobia in Russia. A number of
radical right websites posted the web-link to the list, accompanied by
direct threats of violence and even murder.


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