MINELRES: Georgia: Statement of PMMG on desecration of Jewish tombs in Adjara

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Mon May 5 10:05:42 2008

Original sender: Multinational Georgia <pmmg@caucasus.net>

Public Movement "Multinational Georgia", uniting 18 ethnic communities
living in Georgia and 56 non-governmental organizations, is extremely
rebelled and remonstrated about defilement of tombs of Georgian Jews in
Adjara (Georgia) on mountain Peria. 

We are assured, that the certificate of vandalism which took place on
May, the 1st, does not characterize Georgian people and was carried by
the rascals who have neither ethnic origin, nor religious accessory and
nothing human at all!

Georgia has never been an ideological shelter of vandalism and those
rare cases of its display which, unfortunately, still take place - are
unacceptable exceptions for us. We call law enforcement bodies of
Georgia to expend maximum effort and in the shortest terms to convict
and punish originators to the fullest extent of the law. From our side
we declare once again, that Public Movement "Multinational Georgia" will
continue the struggle against displays of anti-Semitism, discrimination
and fascism in all its forms.

Press-service of Public Movement "Multinational

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