MINELRES: New BHC publication: Annual Human Rights Report 2007

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Bulgarian Helsinki Committee publishes its annual human rights report in

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has published its annual report, Human
Rights in Bulgaria in 2007, in English.

The first year of Bulgaria's membership in the European Union was marked
with a standstill in the field of human rights protection, and even a
regress in some spheres. Some governmental and judiciary institutions,
as well as broad public circles, expressed a cynical attitude towards
human rights issues on a number of occasions. One of the reasons behind
this is the termination of the monitoring of the European Commission in
the human rights area. This is the general conclusion of the BHC report
on the human rights situation in Bulgaria in 2007.


1.  Right to Life 
2.  Protection from Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or
3.  Right to Liberty and Security of Person 
4.  Fair Trial 
5.  Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion and Belief 
6.  Freedom of Expression 
7.  Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly 
8.  Conditions in Places of Detention 
9.  Protection from Discrimination 
10. Right to Asylum, Freedom of Movement 
11. Discrimination of People with Mental Disorders in Institutions 
12. Women’s Rights and Gender Discrimination 
13. Rights of Children in Specialized Institutions 

To read the report, please click here: