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Council for Roma rights meets with praise, criticism   
25 March 2008
Source: Tanjug  
A move to establish the Council for Promoting the Position of the Roma
in Serbia has caused mixed reactions.

While some representatives of the Roma ethnic community described
Tuesday's constitutive session of the council as a "historic event",
Roma Party leader Srdan Sajn, a lawmaker in the parliament who initiated
the idea, said that this represents an "election campaign abuse of the

Representatives of the Roma parties and non-government organizations who
backed the establishment of the council, said after the session that
this is the first time that the "creation and implementation of Serbia's
policy towards the Roma has been indicated". 

Outgoing Deputy Premier Bozidar Delic, DS, who heads the council, told
reporters after the session that the government has for the first time
in this manner institutionalized the resolution of the problem of the
450,000-strong Roma community. 

Delic expressed belief that a large number of projects intended to
improve the position of the Roma will be realized in the coming period,
adding that these projects will be funded out of European pre-accession
funds, and that funds from the Serbian budget earmarked for the Roma
"will be multiplied in the next budget year". 

The new body has 22 members, with Rasim Ljajic and Petar Ladevic as

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