MINELRES: CfA: Conference "Transnational ethnic communities: the cases of Croatia, Israel, the Netherlands and Slovenia", 2122 June 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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TITLE: Transnational ethnic communities: the cases of Croatia, Israel,
the Netherlands and Slovenia

DATE: 21  22 June 2008

SITE: Ljubljana, Slovenia

ORGANIZER: Institute of Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana

TOPICS:  In this conference, of special interest to us is the way
contemporary nation-states manage the relationship between themselves
and the communities they consider their ethnic diaspora. Our primary
question therefore is how do the nation-states reciprocate these ideas
of belonging, the actions, and the ancestral notion? How do they invent
and instigate, ideologically, legally and possibly financially manage,
maintain and support the relationships with their diasporic communities?
To address this question within a framework of comparative evidence, we
are inviting discussion especially on the following four separate cases:
Croatia, Israel, the Netherlands, and Slovenia, although also other
cases are encouraged. The questions we are asking are, among other
possible, these: What is the history of a nation-state/diaspora case?
Which ideologies have dominated, and still dominate, the relationship?
How is this relationship legally encoded? Which forms of mutuality exist
between the national and the diasporic communities, and how are they
sustained? Which ideas and teleologies are being (re)produced in the

LANGUAGE: English 

DEADLINES: 30 April 2008


e-mail: barbara.kejzar@guest.arnes.si 

internet: http://www.inv.si/trans/index.html 

Barbara Kejzar
Conference contact person

Institute of Ethnic Studies
Erjavceva 26
SI-1000 Ljubljana
t: +38612001886
f: +38612510964

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