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A young man murdered on his way to an antifascist concert –

On March 16, 2008, in Moscow, about 15 neo-nazis attacked a group of 7
people who were on their way to an antifascist concert. 20 year old
Alexey Krylov from Noginsk (Moscow region) was stabbed to death. The
attack had been discussed on a “Spartak” football team fansite forum.



Alexander Verkhovsky. Overview of the Amendments Introduced in the
Anti-extremist Legislation in 2007 -

Overview made for the NGO Bulletin "Lawmaking in the State Duma: a Human
Rights Analysis". 


News from the SOVA Center

Statistics on Racist and Neo-nazi crimes in February, 2008 -

In February, 2008, in Russia, there were no less then 44 people
attacked, including 12 fatalities. From the beginning of the year, 26
people were murdered and 71 more were injured as a result of hate


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