MINELRES: Presentation of "Vatan" International Fund of Turks-Meskhetins Takes Place in Tbilisi

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Sat Mar 15 11:16:08 2008

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TBILISI/02.02.08/TURAN-BSPRESS: Presentation of “Vatan” International
Fund of Turks-Meshetins  took place in Tbilisi  on February1. Chairman
of the Fund  is Suleyman Barbakadze. 

The editors of the book "Turks-meshetins: Integration, Repatriation and
Emigration" are Tom Truer and Andrey Hanzhin.  The book has been
published through assistance of the European Center for National
Minorities in English and Russian languages. 

The book contains materials of the researches conducted by European
Center  from  July, 2004 to September 2006  with participation of 37
researches from nine countries in which Turks-Meshetins live. 

The goal of the book is  to present real information about the
Turks-Meshetins to the government of Georgia, Tom Trier said. S.
Barbakadze said that the Fund will help those Turks-Meshetins who want
to return to their native places and contribute to their adaptation of
the Georgian society.  

Council of Europe’s representative for Georgia Igor Gaon stressed steps
taken by Georgian government in this direction, in particular adoption
of a special law on repatriation. 

"Probably it is not the best law, but it allows starting the process of
return," Gaon said. According to him,  the forms of application  for
those who want to return have already been prepared, and now it is
necessary to inform  people how to fill in these forms and to send. The
employees  of embassies in those countries,  where Turks-Meshetins live,
must help with the delivery of the applications to people, Gaon

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