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Dear Madam/ Sir, 
We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Nos Ur song contest calls for entries 

A new competition has been launched to celebrate songs from the Celtic
and Scots language communities. Singers and songwriters are invited to
send their entries to Nos Ur - the first song contest to be held in
Inverness, Scotland, as part of four regional finals for Liet-Lavlut to
be held across Europe.


"Europeada” the new national minority football tournament to be held in

The Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), Lia Rumantscha and
Sedrun Disentis Tourism will stage the first Football Championship of
Europe's national minorities in the Romansh-speaking region of Suselva,
part of the canton of Grischun -Graubunden -Grigioni, Switzerland. The
event will be called "Europeada 2008".


Intergovernmental conference on Multilingualism 

Encouraging European citizens to learn two foreign languages should be
the basis of the EU's new multilingualism strategy due in September,
concluded a ministerial conference last week (15 February).  


Get your entries in for the 5th Liet Lavlut song contest 

On Saturday October the 18th 2008 Lulea municipality will host the fifth
edition of the European song contest Liet-Lavlut 2008, the one and only
song contest for singers and bands who sing in a European lesser used


Huge support for Irish language parade 

Thousands of people took to the streets of Belfast city centre on 16th
February to show their support for the Irish language and cultural
diversity.  The march, organised by POBAL, the umbrella organisation for
Irish language groups in Northern Ireland, was hailed by the Chief
Executive of POBAL, Janet Muller, as a huge success.


Macedonian President raises the issue of Macedonians in Greece and
Bulgaria with the Council of Europe 


Newsletter updates

Eurolang support

Eurolang, established and supported as an EBLUL project since 2000, is
currently seeking new ways to sustain itself.   Eurolang has become the
pre-eminent news and information service for European lesser-used
language speakers and for those interested in language issues and
supporting linguistic diversity worldwide.  We are now seeking not only
to maintain the service but to develop it, and are asking our readers to
send in any suggestions that they may have in terms of potential direct
funding or grants, and any ideas on potential advertisers. In addition,
we welcome any ideas for articles or offers of translation of any of the
online material. Furthermore, Eurolang is able to widely advertise your
event, so if you have a conference or language course that needs
advertising, for example, send the details in. Send suggestions on the
above topics to editor@eurolang.net

Ar Redadeg - the run for Breton

Start. Naoned - Nantes, Breizh (Bretagne, Brittany).
Finish. Karaez (Carhaix)

30th April - May 3rd

Details: http://arredadeg.free.fr/

All are welcome to join this sponsored run to help the Diwan Breton
immersion schools. Diwan receives little substantive state support
despite years of success in ensuring that Breton, defined as endangered
by UNESCO, is spoken by younger generations. It means that the Diwan
schools depend on parental support plus fund raising events in order to
ensure the continued provision of Breton immersion schooling. Eurolang
strongly supports this initiative, the development of Diwan schools are
essential to the ongoing Breton language regeneration effort.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We thank
you for your interest in Eurolang.

Dr Davyth A. Hicks

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