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Original sender: Dominique Arel <darel@uottawa.ca>

The preliminary program of the ASN 2008 World Convention can now be
downloaded at www.nationalities.org. The Convention, sponsored by the
Harriman Institute, will be held at Columbia University, New York, April
10-12, 2008. 
Those interested in attending the convention are invited to register in
advance by accessing a registration form www.nationalities.org and
sending it to Convention Assistant Director Justin Gilstrap by
attachment (jlg2160@columbia.edu) or by postal mail at Harriman
Institute, Columbia University, 420 W 118th St., New York, NY 10027,
United States (tel. 212 854 8487). Only registration with payment will
be accepted.
The program features 113 panels, not yet including a dozen film
screenings to be announced later. As usual, the Convention boasts the
most international lineup of panelists of North American-based
conventions, with more than half of the 333 scholars, from more than 40
countries, who will be delivering papers currently based outside of the
United States. More than 700 panelists and participants are expected at
the convention.
The Convention will be hosting a record twelve special panels featuring
new major books by 
Will Kymlicka (Multicultural Odysseys, Oxford 2007), Ben Kiernan (Blood
and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to
Darfur, Yale 2007), Jacques Semelin (Purify and Destroy: The Political
Uses of Massacre and Genocide, Columbia 2007), Omer Bartov (Erased:
Vanishing Traces of Jewish Life in Present-Day Galicia, Princeton 2007),
Anthony Oberschall (Conflict and Peace Building in Divided Societies,
Routledge 2007), Pieter Judson (Guardians of the Nation: Activists on
the Language Frontiers of Imperial Austria, Harvard 2007), Charles King
(The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus, Oxford 2008), Jessica
Allina-Pisano (The Post-Soviet Potemkin Village, Cambridge 2007), Adeeb
Khalid (Islam after Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia,
California 2007), Juliette Cadiot (Le laboratoire imperial, CNRS 2007)
and Evangelia Adamou (Le patrimoine plurilingue de la Grece, Peeters

Several of these book panels are part of the section “Theories of
Nationalism,” now in its fifth year at the ASN Convention, which offers
a platform for the latest trends in nationalism studies worldwide.
Twelve more panels appear in the Nationalism section, such as “Warfare
and Violence,”“ The Dynamics and Institutional Effects of Separatist
Violence,” and “Multiculturalism, Rights, and the Theory of Justice”. 
As always, the Convention offers a strong lineup of panels in all
regions of the former Communist world and Eurasia: Russia, the Caucasus,
Central Asia/Turkey/China, the Balkans, Ukraine and Central Europe.
Every year, the Program Committee has to be more selective in devising
the lineup, due to the increasing number of proposals. The Balkans lead
the way with 20 panels, followed by Central Europe—19, Eurasia and
Turkey—with a combined 16 panels, Ukraine and Belarus—14, and Russia and
the Caucasus—11. Eleven panels appear in the “Thematic” section. Special
roundtables on the new international status of Kosovo, the International
Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), the fate of the
Orange Revolution, a dialogue between Armenian and Azeri scholars over
Nagorno-Karabakh,  political scientists and ethnography, as well as
panels on the geopolitics of energy, EU enlargement, and migration among
the highlights of the program.
The Convention will also feature a film lineup, which will be announced
Since 2005, the ASN Convention is acknowledging excellence in graduate
studies research by offering Awards for Best Doctoral Papers in five
sections: Russia/Ukraine/Caucasus, Central Asia/Eurasia, Central Europe,
Balkans, and Nationalism Studies. The winners at the 2007 Convention
were Connie Robinson (New School U, Sociology, Balkans) for
“Constructing Allies: The National Discourse of the Yugoslav Committee”,
Zsuzsanna Magdo (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, History, Central
Europe) for “In Search of the True Hungarian”, Judith Beyer (Max Planck
Institute for Social Anthropology, Anthropology, Eurasia) for 
“Imagining the State: How Perceptions of the State Influence Customary
Law in the Kyrgyz the Kyrgyz Aksakal Courts”, Tammy Lynch (Boston U,
History, Ukraine) for “Building a Revolution: Elite Choice and
Opposition Tactics in Pre-Orange Ukraine” and Wendy Pearlman (Harvard U,
Political Science, Nationalism) for “The Nation in Fragments:Internal
Unity and Nationalist Conflict in Three Palestinian Uprisings”.

For practical information regarding the convention, please contact
Gordon Bardos (gnb12@columbia.edu, 212 854 8487).. For information on
panels, please contact Dominique Arel (darel@uottawa.ca).
We look forward to seeing you at the convention! 
Dominique Arel, ASN President
Gordon N Bardos, Convention Executive Director
Sherrill Stroschein, Program Chair
on behalf of the ASN Convention Organizing

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