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Call for applications

European Forum

Training Seminar on (forced) migration, minorities and human rights in 
European multicultural societies

3-7 September 2008, Berlin
8-12 October 2008, Berlin

Please note: We can only accept applications from Austria, 
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, 
Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Turkey

funded by: “Remembrance and Future Fund” and the European Commission

Deadline for Application September Seminar :  8 August 2008
Deadline for Application October Seminar: 8 September 2008

Network Migration in Europe organizes a transnational European Training
on human rights in the context of migration and minorities in
multicultural societies. The European Forum is devoted to an active
dialogue and study about European multicultural and interethnic
experiences and relations in past and present. We invite applications
from advanced students, young professionals and multipliers with
interest in training, discussion and project work.

During the European Forum Program in Berlin the participants will be
offered six days of training and site visits on the topic of how
European societies deal with migration and integration. 
The participation in the training seminar requires: 
- Preparation work with the training seminar reader
- Active (research) team work during the seminar
- Elaboration of a follow-up research paper or essay

At the end of the seminar a certificate will be given for successful 
participation. Participants can use the knowledge and experiences gained 
during the training seminar in their community work, their further 
education and their career paths in non-profit sector, in school
and youth work, in media and the private sector.

Good active and passive command of English is mandatory. The European
Forum looks for participants who are at ease with intense, constant
group activities and interaction.

Travel expenses up to 30 ˆ have to be paid by the participants,
additional costs are covered by Network Migration.
Costs and expenses for accommodation and food are covered.

Application Requirements European Forum June 2008

Return all required information via email to:

Dr. Andrea Schmelz, Dr. Anne von Oswald
Email: info@network-migration.org

Applications must be submitted
by 8 August 2008 for European Forum 3 – 7 September 2008
by 8 September 2008 for European Forum 8 – 12 August 2008

The following information is required from each applicant. It must be 
submitted in one package. An incomplete application will not be
1) application form (see below)
2) curriculum vitae (no more than one page)

Network Migration in Europe
Application Form for European Forum on human rights training
September/October 2008 Berlin



Telephone/Cell Phone/ Fax:



Academic Background

Field of Studies:

No of Semesters:

Level of English Proficiency:

Fair                  Medium          Excellent
Fair                  Medium          Excellent
Fair                  Medium          Excellent

Other foreign languages spoken:

Personal Interests:

Extra-Curricular Activities (on a separate sheet, if needed):

Membership in organizations etc.:

Please answer the following questions:

What is your motivation to participate in the training seminar?

Do you have any experience in the field of  (forced) migration,
minorities and human rights in European multicultural societies?

3. What do you expect from the training seminar?


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