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Requests for input: European Commission surveys 

I. Study on Media & Diversity - Survey 

This study, supported by the European Commission, aims to respond to the
challenge of diversity in our societies and to identify how media mirror
this diversity and participate in the fight against discrimination. Its
objective is to assist in the process of promoting diversity and
fighting discrimination in the media on a pan-European level. 

In this context a survey has been launched in order to find out about
best practice in this area by identifying the most significant and/or
innovative initiatives taken by or about the media to combat
discrimination and/or to promote diversity. You can find more about the
study and the survey at www.media4diversity.eu. The survey uses
questionnaires (available in English, French and German) specifically
tailored for Media creators or managers and for civil society
organisations, which require 10-15 minutes to be filled in. 

The deadline for contributions is Midnight June 18, 2008. The most
significant and/or innovative initiatives will then be classified, their
outcome and impact assessed, and any gaps identified. Finally, building
upon these various tasks, recommendations will be submitted to the
European Commission and the relevant stakeholders for further action to
be taken to help promote diversity and combat discrimination in the

II. Give your views on a European Commission funded research, and have a
chance to win up to Eur 252 in a free prize draw! 

A group of researchers led by the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity,
University of Bradford (UK), are conducting a European Commission funded
"Positive Action Measures in the European Union, Canada, United States &
South Africaa" (PAMECUS) research study to better understand the role
that positive action measures can play in practice in preventing or
remedying discrimination. 

The findings from this study will contribute to a report the European
Commission (Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Equal
Opportunities) is going to publish, so your professional views and
comments are very much needed and appreciated. 

The survey is available online in English, French and German at
http://priority-research.com/positiveaction and there are a number of
opportunities to win in a prize draw. 

1st Prize - Eur 252 Voucher - selected from the first 100 respondents 
2nd Prize - Eur 188 Voucher - selected form the next 150 respondents 
3rd Prize - Eur 126 Voucher - selected from the next 250 respondents 
Consolation Prizes 3 x Eur 53 Voucher 

The closing date for responses is 30 June 2008. Most responses to
questions involve clicking or choosing the relevant box, or writing a
short answer to a question. 

The survey is being conducted by Priority Research Ltd, a Market
Research Society Company Partner. If you have any technical queries
regarding the survey, please e-mail support@priority-research.com 

If you require further information on any other aspect of the research,
please contact: Dr Jite Eferakorho at the Centre for Inclusion and
Diversity by telephone at 00 44 1274 236417 or email to:

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