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International NGO Coalition Report Outlines Extreme Deterioration of
Roma Rights in Italy

10 July 2008, Budapest, Bucharest, Geneva, Vienna: Today, a coalition of
NGOs launched a report on the deterioration of the human rights
situation of Roma and Sinti in Italy, on the occasion of the OSCE’s
Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Sustainable Policies for Roma
and Sinti Integration in Vienna. Coalition members include the European
Roma Rights Centre, the Open Society Institute, the Centre on Housing
Rights and Evictions, Romani Criss and the Roma Civic Alliance of

The report, entitled “Security a la Italiana: Fingerprinting, Extreme
Violence and Harassment of Roma in Italy”, includes a concise summary of
a series of discriminatory legal and policy measures targeting Roma
recently enacted by the right-wing Italian government, in place since
the April 2008 elections. The report also includes the results of
first-hand documentation conducted by the Coalition in Romani camps
Italy at the end of May 2008, exploring the effects of these measures on
members of Italy’s Roma and Sinti communities, including:

Illegal fingerprinting and photographing of Roma for the purposes of
creating a database of all Roma in the country;
Police abuse, ill-treatment and forced evictions of Roma;
Extreme violence by non-state actors and the failure of Italian
authorities to prosecute the perpetrators; and
Other forms of discrimination against Roma.
The report concludes with a series of recommendations for actions to be
undertaken by the Italian government, the Romanian government and
inter-governmental actors, in order to end the ongoing human rights
crisis in Italy and ensure respect for the rights of Roma in the

During the OSCE meeting in Vienna on 10-11 July, Coalition members are
hosting a side event to discuss the concerns outlined in the report and
are organising a protest outside the site of the OSCE meeting on 11
July, starting from the premises of the Fundamental Rights Agency,
Rahlgasse, Gumpendorferstra?e, Burgring and Heldenplatz – stopping in
front of the Hofburg Palace.

The full text of the report is available on the ERRC’s website at:

For further information, please contact:

* Tara Bedard, ERRC Programmes Coordinator, tara.bedard@errc.org
* Isabela Mihalache, OSI Senior Projects Manager,
* Claude Cahn, COHRE Head of Advocacy, claudecahn@cohre.org
* Magda Matache, Romani Criss, magda@romanicriss.org
* Iulian Stoian, Roma Civic Alliance of Romania, iulian.stoian@acrr.ro


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