MINELRES: Job Announcement: European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF), Communications and PR Officer

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European Roma and Travellers Forum
Council of Europe  DG III - Cohesion Sociale 
Batiment G - 1 quai Jacoutot  
F - 67075 Strasbourg
Tel: + 33 3 90 21 53 50
Fax: + 33 3 90 21 56 58
www: www.ertf.org
e-mail: job@ertf.org

Ref no:             ERTF/2008/01/PR 
Title:              Communications and PR Officer 
Dead-line for application:      22/02/2008
Start date:         As soon as possible
Location:           Strasbourg, France 
Job type:           Full-time
Salary:             2,100  EUR net (after tax)
Duration of the contact: 1 year with a possibility for extension
Minimum experience required: 3 - 5 Years
Qualifications:     Relevant University Degree

The key areas of responsibility being external communication and media
presence, you will play a central role in:
- keeping abreast of international current affairs and of fields of
interest to the European Roma and Travellers Forum; 
- identifying subjects of general and political intererest (eg to the
press, decision and opinion makers and the general public); 
- developing partnerships with other international organisations, NGOs
and other relevant institutions and bodies to elicit support for
promotional objectives;
- managing the information necessary for the Forum to successfully
implement its development programme, including identifying and
researching the next generation of Forum's  major supporters; 
- identifying, researching and providing briefings on donors and
potential donors as required by the President and Executive Committees; 
- developing relationships with existing donors, and cultivate new major
prospects and partners 
- continuously reviewing and developing the existing fundraising
- drafting documents such as reports, press releases and speeches; meets
internal and external reporting requirements;
- planning, developing and implementing communication strategies,
campaigns and events to cover all ERTF activities and adapts them to
- monitoring and evaluating results and impact of communication
activities; reports to Executive Committee on their status and progress; 
- performing other related work as required
- promoting European Roma and Travellers Forum values 

Essential Skills and Experience

* Vision on international affairs: awareness of the international
political, economic, social, and cultural context; organisational
* Managerial skills: influence and authority.
* Professional and technical competencies: 
- professional expertise: has state-of-the-art knowledge and experience
in the field of communications and public information and ability to
address a range of issues related to the European Roma and Travellers
Forum's information requirements. 
- ICT skills;
- planning and work organisation 
- Information seeking , analytical thinking, problem solving and
judgment skills, conceptual thinking;
* Interpersonal skills: service and client orientation, team working,
relationship building and networking, advising, negotiating and
* Communication and linguistic skills: communication, writing and
presentation skills; is fluent in English and French language and good
knowledge of a second; has knowledge of other European languages; can
express oneself, present and draft clearly, concisely and convincingly
in English, French or Romani.
* Personal attitudes: initiative and responsibility, result orientation
and sense of continuous improvement, concern for quality and efficiency,
adaptability, self-management and development, organisational alignment.
* Personal values: integrity, loyalty and conscience, discretion,
independence and confidence, respect for diversity.

Qualifications and Competencies 
* A university degree or a recognised professional qualification in
Communications, PR or Marketing 
* Proven track record of fund raising activities 
* IT literate. Web technology and content management knowledge would be
an advantage

To apply please send your latest CV and Motivation letter no later than
15 February 2008 to job@ertf.org. Please quote Ref no. ERTF/2008/01/PR
in the subject heading.  

The European Roma and Travellers Forum is a non-profit making legal
entity governed by the legislation in force in France. Its purpose is to
oversee the effective exercise by Roma and Travellers of all human
rights and fundamental freedoms protected by the legal instruments of
the Council of Europe. 

It aims to promote the fight against racism and discrimination and
facilitate the integration of these population groups into European
society and their participation in public life which also concerns the
conditions of the said populations and the implementation of initiatives
at the most adequate levels, primarily with regards to housing, health,
education and employment. 

In order to foster the development of the instruments for partnership
which the Forum represents, the Council of Europe provides support for
the functioning of the Forum in the form of a contribution of human,
technical and financial

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