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*Designing Peacebuilding Programmes (DPP)*

* *

*A PATRIR-IPDTC Five-Days Experts Training Program*

* *

*Location: *International Peace and Development Training Center

*Date:* *February 25th v 29th , 2008*

*To Apply:* Please visit: *www.patrir.ro/training* 
or write to *training@patrir.ro* directly

*Dead-line for Applications:* Applicants Requiring Visas for Travel to
Romania: *January 22nd, 2008*.

Applicants who do not require Visas for Travel to Romania: *February
4th, 2008*.

* *

*Designing Peacebuilding Programmes (DPP)* has been developed to help 
organizations, practitioners and policy makers to enhance the quality, 
effectiveness and impact of peacebuilding programs. Based peacebuilding, 
community-based peacebuilding, multi-stakeholder dialogues, postwar 
recovery and war-to-peace transition processes in Latin America, Africa, 
Asia and Europe, and review of peacebuilding operations by local, 
national and international organizations, *Designing*

*Peacebuilding Programs* is the only five-days program of its kind 
specifically targeted to assisting organizations and agencies to improve 
and enhance the quality and effectiveness of their programs to 
strengthen peacebuilding impact.


*International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC)* 

*Contact E-mail for Training Programs*: training@patrir.ro 

*Coordinator of Trainings*: Denisa Trifan denisa.trifan@patrir.ro 

*Assistant Coordinator of Trainings*: Alex Ursa alex@patrir.ro 

Should you have any questions, or if you would like to receive further 
information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Agencies and 
organisations wishing to send three or more participants may benefit 
from reductions in course fees.


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