MINELRES: Bessarabian Orthodox Metropolitan arrested by the Moldovan customs officers

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December 27 2007

Christian-democrats indignant about the arrest of the Archbishop of  
Basarabia, Petru, at the Sculeni customs point The Christian-Democrats
are indignant about the fact that the customs officers kept the
Archbishop of Basarabia, Petru, for two hours on Wednesday, at the
Sculeni customs point. He was coming back from Iasi from a divine
service, DECA-press transmits.

The leader of the parliamentary faction of the Christian-Democratic
People's Party (PPCD), Vlad Cubreacov, reminded on Thursday, in time of
the plenary sitting of the Parliament that the archbishop's car was
checked, and he personally was committed to fill in a declaration which
would confirm he had no drugs on him.

He specified that the archbishop appreciated those actions as a form of
intimidation of the Metropolitan Church he is the leader of.

Cubreacov asserts that some priests of the Basarabian Metropolitan  
Church are intimidated by the representatives of the Information and  
Security Service and asks for explanations regarding this behaviour.

The leader of the parliamentary faction of PPCD reminded that the  
situation connected with the Basarabian Metropolitan Church is  
monitored by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Despite the fact it has resumed its activity at the beginning of the  
90s of the last century, the Basarabian Metropolitan Church hasn't  
been recognized for one decade by the state. This thing happened only  
after in 2001, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) gave  
priority to the Basarabian Metropolitan Church in the trial with the  
Government. Recently, President Vladimir Voronin declared that Moldova  
could not follow the decision of ECHR.


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