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King Baudouin Foundation
Working together for a better society

in the Balkans 

February 2008
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Background information about our activities in the area of the Balkans
is given below. You can also consult this information on www.kbs-frb.be  

Call for proposals: European Fund for the Balkans   

The European Fund for the Balkans has launched its first call for
proposals: “Think and Link”, a regional policy programme for think tanks
and policy institutes. The programme seeks to foster inclusive and
evidence-based policy making in the Western Balkans by initiating
individual and collaborative research projects on : “Environmental
policy in the Western Balkans – policy legacies, current institutions
and European standards”. Applications are invited from independent
policy institutes and think tanks in the Western Balkans (Albania,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo). 
>> More information: http://www.balkanfund.org/   

Smart student visas   

2 new publications are now available and can be downloaded from our
website: ‘Recommendations for the way ahead’. This short report
describes the current delivery process for student visas in EU Member
states, highlights good practices and makes recommendations for change. 
>> More information: http://www.kbs-frb.be/start.aspx  

‘Challenges and possible solutions’ (long report) 

This study was developed within the framework of the 'Smart Visa for
Students from the Western Balkans' project.. Based on a thorough
analysis of current problems faced by students who wish to study in the
EU, but who encounter difficulties in obtaining visas and residence
permits, the project aims to contribute to the further development of
facilitated procedures for students from the Western. 
>> More information: http://www.kbs-frb.be/publication.aspx?

Minority Rights in Practice in South-East Europe   

New Guide to Minorities and Education 
The “Guide to Minorities and Education – Foundations of Stable Relations
in the Region”, is a must for NGOs and others working in minority
education in SEE. The guide contains a discussion of international
standards, regional experience and practices, as well as challenges and
initiatives in the field of education. 
>> More information: http://www.kbs-frb.be/publication.aspx?

Small grant: training seminar in Macedonia 

On 23-27 October 2007, The Minority Rights Group International held a
regional seminar on the EU accession process in SEE and minority
protection in Ohrid. Beginning with an overview of the EU, its structure
and decision-making processes, the seminar also covered issues such as
equality and non-discrimination standards, gender equality and the
political and financial framework of accession, including the
stabilization and association process. Partner NGOs will replicate the
training in-country with a further 7 workshops in the first half of 2008
to provide a multiplier effect, including for other minority
organizations, and encouraging the creation of coalitions. Further
information can be obtained from MRG: Snjezana Bokulic
<SNJEZANA.BOKULIC@mrgmail.org <SNJEZANA.BOKULIC@mrgmail.org>>

Kosovo - Application of anti-discrimination and use of languages

December 2007 saw the publication of the report on the application of
the laws on Anti-discrimination and the Use of Languages in Kosovo
Public Companies after a 3-month study by HLC across all 5 regions. The
research aimed to assess how far members of minority communities were
being hired and permitted to use their mother tongue in work and the use
of minority languages in, for example, as information documents,
contracts and invoices. Although some progress was observed, especially
in public utilities, the report highlights under-representation of
minorities in public companies and shortfalls in the implementation of
the law on the use of minority languages, as well as considerable
differences according to region and the type of company. Recommendations
for more effective implementation of both laws were drawn up. Further
information can be obtained from Humanitarian Law Center, Pristina:
Bekim Blakaj <blakaj@hlc-kosovo.org <blakaj@hlc-kosovo.org>> 

Permanent open call 

The King Baudouin Foundation accepts proposals for advocacy and policy
initiatives at regional and European level dealing with the situation of
ethnic minorities. These may include, for instance, public awareness
campaigns, conferences, policy events and cross-border projects. Initial
contact should be by letter of enquiry and contain a short description
of the project and the range of funding required. Short-listed
applicants will then be sent a detailed application form. Further
information can be obtained from Fabrice de Kerchove
<dekerchove.f@kbs-frb.be>, Project Manager. 
>> More information: http://www.kbs-frb.be/call.aspx?id=209762&LangType=1033  

TRP Call results: Temporary residence permit capacity building scheme in
Of the 15 applications submitted by NGOs at the invitation of the
International Organization for Migration and within a King Baudouin
Foundation project, 5 have been selected, in Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia
& Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. A total of ˆ 34 649 has been
allocated for the project, which aims to monitor the implementation of
legislation adopted in the field of Temporary Residence Permits (TRPs)
for victims of trafficking and to improve procedures and mechanisms for
victim protection in SEE.
Further information can be obtained from IOM Belgrade: Jovana Skrnjug

EPC events   

Policy dialogue (12/02/08) – Minorities in an ever wider European Union 

Breakfast with Erhard Busek (15/02/08) – Taking stock, looking ahead:
regional co-operation in South-eastern Europe after the Stability Pact 

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