MINELRES: Recent ECMI Publications - February 2008

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Recent ECMI Publications

Szakonyi, David. No Way Out: An Assessment of the Romani Community in
Georgia. ECMI Working Paper #39, February 2008, 19 pp., includes
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/download/working_paper_39.pdf

Szakonyi, David. Reciprocity or the Higher Ground? The Treatment of
Ethnic Russians in Georgia After the 'Spy Scandal' of 2006. ECMI Issue
Brief #16, February 2008, 11 pp.
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/download/brief_16.pdf

Protsyk, Oleh. Ethnic Data Collection: The Case of the Civil Service in
Eastern Europe. ECMI Issue Brief #17, February 2008, 11 pp.
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/download/brief_17.pdf

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