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Dear readers, 

We have just updated one of the most popular pages of our website: the
Human Rights Short Courses page. 

It now features more than 60 short courses and summer schools spanning
2008 and 2009, from the general introductions to very specialized
courses on indigenous peoples, discrimination, women’s rights, and more.

So be sure to visit and bookmark this page if you are planning to
stimulate your neurons and synapses this year. Its always a good idea to
take our nose off the grindstone for a couple of weeks to broaden our
horizons, deepen our knowledge, make some new friends and have a good
time too! 

A big thanks to Idowu Ajibade, from Nigeria, who did all the hard work
of updating this page. She has just joined HRT’s small team of dedicated
volunteers. More about her below:

We have done our best to make it as exhaustive as possible, but if there
is something to add or change, let us know by writing to us at

Some very interesting courses we would like to highlight:

1. CLOSING SOON: Monitoring economic, social and cultural rights
The Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in
Geneva (IHEID), in cooperation with HURIDOCS, is organizing a new course
on monitoring and documenting economic, social and cultural rights. It
will take place in Geneve, 5 – 9 May 2008. This exciting and much-needed
course will be timed to match the second week of the ESC Committee, so
you should be able to attend both with the same plane ticket! There are
still a few slots for paying participants, but you must apply before 3
March 2008.

2. CLOSING SOON: Video advocacy course
The Video Advocacy Institute, the first of its kind, is an innovative
program that trains human rights defenders to successfully integrate
video advocacy into their social change campaigns. When: July 19 –
August 2 2008, in Montreal, Canada. Application deadline is 2 March

3. CLOSING SOON: Transitional justice francophone Rabat fellowship
Transitional justice refers to a range of approaches that societies
undertake to reckon with legacies of widespread or systematic human
rights abuse as they move from a period of violent conflict or
oppression towards peace and democracy. The International Center for
Transitional Justice’s francophone Rabat fellowship program will be
running from May 2nd to the 25th. It runs for 10 weeks and ICTJ takes in
charge the full cost of participation of each participant (including the
visa and airfare). Application deadline is 25 February

4. Justice sector reform, Human rights fieldwork
IHRN is organizing two courses. The first is entitled “Justice Sector
Reform: Applying Human Rights Based Approaches” will take place at the
National University of Ireland, in Maynooth. The dates are from 16 to 20
June 2008, and the application deadline is 2 May 2008. 

The second IHRN course is entitled “Human Rights Fieldwork - Principles,
Strategies and Skills” will be held in the same location, from 26
October to 2 November 2008.

As usual, please forward this to your friends and colleagues who share
your interest in human rights, or post it to your blog and mailing

If you have received this from a friend and would like to subscribe, you
can do so here:

And when you come back from all this training, enthusiastic and
inspired, why not tell us about it and send us a couple of photos of
those special moments? We love to hear from our readers, write to us at

Best regards, and good luck in your efforts to defend or raise awareness
about human rights.

Daniel D’Esposito, Editor
Human Rights Tools

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