MINELRES: New guidelines on CERD early warning and urgent action

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Fri Feb 15 17:22:20 2008

Original sender: Ilona Alexander <IAlexander@ohchr.org>

Dear representatives of minority NGOs, 

Pls find (in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and French) new
guidelines on CERD early warning and urgent action. This procedures can
be utilized when there are the following indicators: 

(a) Presence of a significant and persistent pattern of racial
discrimination, as evidenced in social and economic indicators; 

(b) Presence of a pattern of escalating racial hatred and violence, or
racist propaganda or appeals to racial intolerance by persons, groups or
organizations, notably by elected or other State officials; 

(c) Adoption of new discriminatory legislation; 

(d) Segregation policies or de facto exclusion of members of a group
from  political, economic, social and cultural life; 

(e) Lack of an adequate legislative framework defining and criminalizing
all forms of racial discrimination or lack of effective mechanisms,
including lack of recourse procedures; 

(f) Policies or practice of impunity regarding: 
(a) Violence targeting members of a group identified on the basis of
race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin by State officials or
private actors; 
(b) Grave statements by political leaders/prominent people that condone
or justify violence against a group identified on the ground of race,
colour, descent, national or ethnic origin; 
(c) Development and organization of militia groups and/or extreme
political groups based on a racist platform; 

(g) Significant flows of refugees or displaced persons, especially when
those concerned belong to specific ethnic groups; 

(h) Encroachment on the traditional lands of indigenous peoples or
forced removal of these peoples from their lands, in particular for the
purpose of exploitation of natural resources; 

(i) Polluting or hazardous activities that reflect a pattern of racial
discrimination with substantial harm to specific groups. 

For more information see

Kind regards, Ilona 

Ilona Klimova-Alexander
Associate Human Rights Officer
Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Unit
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 48, Office 2-31
Geneva - Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 928 9845; Fax +41 22 928 90 66
E-mail: ialexander@ohchr.org 

>From MINELRES moderator: The text of the guidelines in .pdf can be
obtained from the original sender or from MINELRES moderator by request. 

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