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The Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science and the
Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS)
at Utrecht University offer a two-year research master's program
"Migration, ethnic relations and multiculturalism" (MERM) that is
completely taught in English. The research master's program offers
structured and systematic training in theoretically and methodologically
advanced research in this field of research and the hotly debated issues
in most countries across the world. 

MERM is the oldest research master programme at Utrecht University. 

It is characterised by:

- A strong focus on the integration of social psychological,
sociological and anthropological theory; empirical research; and methods
of data-analysis. 

- In various courses, students gain extensive experience in formulating
research question, testing theories and actual data analysis.

- Students learn to write a publishable research article in English: the
master's thesis that completes the program is written in the format of a
publishable research article. Experience shows that many students do
indeed submit their thesis to a journal and quite some of these
submissions are accepted for publication.

Students benefit from intensive supervision. Instructors involved in
teaching the program and supervising students include prominent
researcher from the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science as
well as the Department of Sociology such as Marcel Coenders, Marcel
Lubbers, Edwin Poppe, Frank van Tubergen, Maykel Verkuyten, Wilma
Vollebergh and Jeroen Weesie. Students likewise benefit from much
interaction and collaboration in a relatively small group of peers. 

Drop out rates of students from the program are very low and almost all
students entering the program do complete it in due time within two
years. The profile of the program ensures that the labour market
position of alumni is excellent: students who have completed the program
are very successful in acquiring subsequent positions as PhD students,
as researchers in institutes and organizations outside the university,
as trainees, as consultants, at NGO's, etc.

The target group of students consists of promising students with a
Bachelor's degree or an equivalent period of at least three years of
undergraduate study and qualifications that justify the expectation of
successful completion of the program in due time. This includes students
with a BA in Social Sciences, broadly conceived and including (social)
Psychology, Sociology, Political Sciences, Demography, and Anthropology.

Students from outside the Netherlands are explicitly encouraged to apply
and can easily follow the program since it is taught in English. About
30-50% of the students are students from outside the Netherlands. 
"Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism" is one of Utrecht
University's Prestige master programs and thus benefits from special
funds of Utrecht University. This means that some scholarships and
research assistantships are available for applicants. Also, some funding
is available for international exchange. 

Each year, a new group of students enters the program. We are currently
searching for talented candidates for the academic year 2008/2009.
Courses for this group will start on September 1, 2008.

The deadlines for applications for the academic year 2008/2009 are
December 1, 2007 (early bird-deadline) and March 1, 2008. 

Detailed information on the program  such as courses taught and an
overview of projects for master's thesis projects  is available at:  
www.fss.uu.nl/graduateschool  or at www.ercomer.eu

Please use: gradschool@fss.uu.nl 
For any enquiries about the program and about admission procedures. 

Maykel Verkuyten 
Coordinator research master's program "Migration, Ethnic Relations and


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