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News from the SOVA Center

30. 12. 2008

News from the SOVA Center

Chronicle of Guilty Verdicts for Hate Motivated Violence. 2008 -

We publish the list of the guilty verdicts for violence issued in Russia
in 2008 in which the hate motive was officially recognized. The list was
made on the basis of the SOVA Center daily monitoring. In all, in 2008,
we registered 31 guilty verdicts in 18 regions of Russia. Each entry is
linked to Russian language SOVA reports.

December 2008. Preliminary Annual Result -

In December 2008, in Russia, not less than 8 people (including 2
fatalities) became victims of racist and xenophobic violence. As before,
we believe this considerable decrease of the number of victims to be due
to underreporting (in the same period of time, in 2007, 11 people were
murdered and 39 were injured). In December, attacks were reported in
Moscow, Novosibirsk, Volgograd and Belgorod.



Report by Canadian Official and Human Rights Defender Deemed Extremist -

On August 26, 2008, the Pervomaiskii District Court, in Krasnodar,
declared materials related to the Chinese spiritual discipline Falun
Gong to be 'extremist.'



Savage Attack on Guest Workers from Tadjikistan near Moscow -
On December 5, 2008, in Zhabkino village (Moscow region), two neo-Nazis
attacked two guest workers from Tadjikistan. One of them, 20 year-old
Azizov, was murdered and beheaded. 

A Neo-Nazi Group Convicted in Moscow -
On December 15, 2008, Moscow city court convicted a group of neo-Nazis
(so called "Ryno gang") of a series of attacks on representatives of
ethnic minorities. In all, they were charged for 20 murders and 12
attempted murders. 


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