MINELRES: Rights of 'Moldovan language' in Transnistria infringed

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Rights of 'Moldovan language' in Transnistria infringed

2008-12-20/11:45 The Union of Moldovans of Transnistria asks the
Transnistrian ministry of education to open a center for developing the
'Moldovan language'. According to representatives of the Union, the
rights of what they call the Moldovan language in the Transnistrian
region, where there are three official languages, are violated,
Info-Prim Neo's correspondent in the region reports.

In Tiraspol's kindergartens, there are only several Moldovan
language-teaching groups. At the start of the 2008-2009 school year,
these groups included 53 children, according to official statistics.

"The teaching in Moldovan in Transnistria does not meet the modern
standards," said Valerian Tulgara, the chairman of the Union of
Moldovans of Transnistria.

Dorina Gabuja, the head of the philology faculty of the Education
Development Institute in Tiraspol, said that the graduates of Moldovan
schools in Transnistria cannot continue their studies in 'Moldovan' in
Transnistrian higher education establishments.

Therefore, many of them decide to go to Chisinau. When they return, the
diplomas are not recognized, Valerian Tulgara said.

As well as the government of the Republic of Moldova, the government of
the unrecognized republic of Transnistria insists the Moldovans speak
the Moldovan language, also called Moldavian. But much of the academic
community agrees that the correct name of the language is Romanian, and
the distinction was fabricated to emphasize politically the difference
between the Republic of Moldova and bordering Romania. To further
accentuate differences, the authorities on the left bank of the Nistru
use the Cyrillic script, and not the Latin one, for the 'Moldavian

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