MINELRES: Appeal to Endorse the Declaration on Principles of Equality

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Appeal to Endorse the Declaration on Principles of Equality 

The Equal Rights Trust call on minority rights NGOs from all over the
world, as key stakeholders in the struggle for equality, to sign the
Declaration of Principles on Equality, which is now the subject of a new
campaign for universal recognition. The Declaration defines the right to
equality as a basic human right and provides a global expression of
equality between discriminated people. More than 120 of the world's
leading human rights and equality experts participated in the drafting. 

Economic recession and depression can lead to increasing exclusion and,
at worst, persecution of the most vulnerable groups within society. That
is why the Universal Declaration on Human Rights happened in 1948 and it
is why we need to establish universal equality for all human beings

Vote for equality! Go to 

If you wish to sign the Declaration in your individual capacity, please
fill in your details and click the 'Endorse' button on given webpage. 

If you wish to endorse the Declaration on behalf of an organisation,
please state so in an email message sent to info@equalrightstrust.org
(Cc to Dimitrina.Petrova@equalrightstrust.org). 

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