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Original sender: Kornelia Vargha <varghak@ceu.hu>

Summer course in Romany Studies/Central European University, Budapest 

We would like to solicit your help to promote the summer course, funded
by the European Commission within the framework of Marie Curie
Conferences and Training Courses, on “MULTI-DISCIPLINARY AND
your colleagues, your graduate students, or any interested researchers. 

Course Dates: July 6-24, 2009
Location: Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary, 
Detailed course description: http://www.sun.ceu.hu/romany 

Michael Stewart, Department of Anthropology, University College
London/CEU, Nationalism Studies; Julia Szalai, Institute of  Sociology,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences/Nationalism Studies, CEU; Judith Okely,
Oxford University, IGS Queen Elizabeth House, UK; Yaron Matras,
University of Manchester, UK; Paloma Gay y Blasco, University of St.
Andrews; Elisabeth Tauber, Institute of Ethnology and African Studies,
University of Munich, Germany; Henriette Asseo, Ecoles des Hatues Etudes
en Sciences Sociales, Paris; Judit Durst, University College London;
Livia Jaroka, European Parliament, Brussels; Ilsen About, European
University Institute, Florence; four junior faculty from our previous
training program

Target group: 

a) Minimum requirement is a first degree allowing the student to pursue
doctoral studies. 

b) The main target group is junior and postdoctoral researchers
interested in developing Romany Studies primarily involved in academic
MA or Ph.D. education.
Other persons who are engaged in research in a non-academic environment 
(think tanks, government departments, NGOs and the like) are also
eligible. Given the political and policy importance of the topics we
deal with we expect a significant minority of our trainees to be
researchers in NGOs, government or other non-university public
institutions.. We expect the majority, however, to be academically
engaged researchers. 

c) Eligibility categories:
* Early-stage researchers with up to four years’experience of their
research career (engagement in a relevant academic program or
professional activity)
Applicants in this category will in general have precedence.
* Experienced researchers with up to ten years’experience of their
research career (engagement in a relevant academic program or
professional activity)
* Experienced researchers with more than ten years’experience of their
research career (engagement in a relevant academic program or
activity), who have a  ‘European Union’ citizenship, but do not live in
Europe at the time of the events 

Language of instruction: English

Application deadline: February 16, 2009 
Online application (from mid November): http://www.sun.ceu.hu/apply

We’d be grateful if you could forward this email to those potentially
interested in our summer school (individuals, listservs, blogs,
electronic journals, etc.) and/or have a short announcement placed on a
relevant web site.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Kornelia Vargha
CEU Summer University
Program Officer
Budapest, 1051
Nador u. 9.
Tel.: (36-1) 328-3699
Fx.:  (36-1) 327-3124

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