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JEMIE Volume 6, Issue 2 is now available.

Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe, Volume 6, Issue
2 (2007)

General Articles

Social Construction of Identities: Pomaks in Bulgaria, by Ali Eminov
Ethnic Mobilization in Post-Soviet Georgia: The Case of the
by David Szakonyi

Special Focus

Minority Language Policy: Theory and Practice 
Authors: Stefan Oeter, Xabier Arzoz, Valeria Cardi, and Eduardo J. Ruiz


Introduction - Minority Language Policy: Theory and Practice, by Stefan
The Nature of Language Rights, by Xabier Arzoz 
Regional or Minority Language Use before Judicial Authorities:
Provisions and Facts,
by Valeria Cardi 
New minorities and linguistic diversity: Some reflections from the
Spanish and Basque perspectives, by Eduardo J. Ruiz

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