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Europeans and their rights - Freedom of religion (30/08/2007)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on
Human Rights proclaim that everyone has the right to freedom of thought,
conscience and religion, including freedom to manifest their religion or
belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance. Even today, in our
democratic societies too, this fundamental right is still sometimes
restricted and meets with hostility and intolerance. Using concrete
examples, the author compares and analyses the protection of the right
to freedom of religion in the case-law of European constitutional courts
and of the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, in
order to establish whether there is such a thing as general European law
in this sphere.     

Author(s):   Renata Uitz
ISBN:   978-92-871-6201-4 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   180 
Price:   17 Eur/ 26 USD 
    + 10% postage  
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Institutions for the Management of Ethnopolitical Conflict in Central
and Eastern Europe (03/07/2008)

Once considered an exclusively internal affair, international
organisations have, over the last few decades, become increasingly
involved in the management of ethnopolitical conflicts and have been
active in attempts to prevent and/or resolve them. This book presents a
series of studies covering the work of eight different organisations
active in central and eastern Europe: the Organization for Security and
Co-operation in Europe; its High Commissioner on National Minorities;
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; the United Nations Development
Programme and Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; the
Council of Europe; the European Union; the Stability Pact for South
Eastern Europe; and the World Bank. A further chapter considers the role
of non-governmental organisations. The studies consider the varying
approaches adopted by these institutions and illustrate the ways in
which these differ from and complement one another. The assessment
covers both the preventive and reactive sides of conflict management,
and provides valuable lessons for similar activities in the future, both
in the region and beyond.     

Author(s):   Stefan Wolff, Marc Weller, Erik Friberg, Halida Nasic,
Jennifer Medcalf, Harald Schenker, Pieter van Houten, Walter Kemp,
Sharon Rusu, Susanne Schmeidl, Marc Scheuer, Matthew Ward, Stefan Wolff
and Annemarie Peen Rodt
ISBN:   978-92-871-6361-5 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages :   270 
Price:   30 EUR/ 45 USD 
    + 10% postage  

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Asylum and the European Convention on Human Rights (28/11/2007)

Political upheavals, economic reforms, social instability and civil war
have all been factors contributing to changes in the mixed flows of
migrants both to and within Europe. Many of those in need of
international protection are forced to seek it in Europe and the new
member states of the enlarged Council of Europe are now also
experiencing the arrival of asylum seekers. This revised edition
considers the substantial body of case law of the European Court of
Human Rights which has examined the compatibility of the Convention with
measures taken by states in relation to all aspects of the asylum
process. It also observes the role of subsidiary protection offered by
the Strasbourg organs in protecting those at risk of prohibited
treatment. In addition, the study considers the increasingly relevant
provisions of EU law developments in the field, as well as measures
taken in the context of terrorist threats – both of which have had a
significant impact on the practical circumstances and law on refugees
and asylum seekers.     

Author(s):   Nuala Mole
ISBN:   978-92-871-6217-5 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   152 
Price:   25 Eur/ 38 USD 
    + 10% postage  
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CIA above the law? Secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers
of detainees in Europe (24/06/2008)

Has Europe become ”a happy hunting ground” for foreign security
services? Is it acceptable, in the name of common security and the fight
against terrorism, for citizens to be kidnapped, transferred and
arbitrarily detained in secret prisons, and then tortured, on the mere
suspicion or terrorism and in defiance of international law? Two
investigations by the Parliamentary Assembly into the High Value
Detainee (HVD) programme set up by the US Administration after the
attacks of 11 September have revealed the global “spider’s web” spun by
the CIA. The so-called “extraordinary renditions” programme has resulted
in numerous serious human rights violations. It has only been able to
function through the co-operation of certain Council of Europe member
states, despite the fact that they are bound by European human rights
Conventions. Furthermore, the European Commission for Democracy through
Law has included its expert legal opinion on general international legal
principles and the responsibility that Council of Europe member states
would incur if they, either deliberately or by negligence, failed to
meet their obligations. This book, with its revealing eye-witness
accounts, gives credence to the Council of Europe’s position that if
measures to combat terrorism are to be effective in the long term, they
must respect human rights and the rule of law. 

ISBN:   978-92-871-6419-3 
Format:   A 5 
No. of pages:   300 
Price:   23 Eur/ 46 USD 
    + 10% postage  


Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against
Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse and explanatory report, Lanzarote
(Spain), 25.X.2007, Council of Europe Treaty Series No.201 (03/06/2008)

This convention aims to prevent the sexual exploitation and sexual abuse
of children, protect child victims of sexual offences and prosecute
perpetrators. With an emphasis on respecting the rights of children and
keeping their best interests in the forefront, the convention covers
preventive measures; criminal offences, including several entirely new
offences, such as "child grooming"; protective measures and assistance
to child victims and their families; "child-friendly" proce¬dures for
investigation and prosecution which are adapted to children's special
needs; intervention programmes or measures for child sex offenders;
recording and storing of data on convicted sex offenders; international
co-operation and a monitoring mechanism.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6350-9 
Format:   A5 
No. of pages:   98 
Price:   8 Eur/ 12 USD
    + 10% postage  
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Housing policy and vulnerable social groups (03/06/2008)

This report and the corresponding guidelines are the outcome of a
two-year project carried out by a group of specialists, whose objective
was to take stock of existing work in the field of social housing for
vulnerable groups. It complements the report on access to social rights
in Europe (2002) and is an integral part of the Council of Europe's
Social Cohesion Strategy. Addressed to policy makers at national and
local levels, service organisations and users, this work provides
examples and guidelines on designing and implementing effective housing
policies for vulnerable social groups.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6301-1 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   101 
Price:   8 Eur/ 16 USD
    + 10% postage  
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The Euro-Mediterranean migration system (28/05/2008)

The Euro-Mediterranean region can be seen as the focal point for
movements between south and north. Starting with this observation, the
author addresses the migration problems of the countries on the northern
shore of the Mediterranean and the immigration countries of the European
Union, which recruit labour from the southern shore (for example,
Moroccans working in France, Belgium and Great Britain, Turks in
Germany, France, Benelux and Scandinavia, Algerians in France and
Tunisians in France and Italy). He also deals with the new immigration
countries on the northern shore (Spain, Italy and Greece), as well as
the emigration and transit countries of the southern and eastern shores.
This work is intended to provide the reader with a critical overview of
the existing literature on the theme of "co-development" based on
sources in various languages, highlighting matters likely to form part
of needs of both immigration countries and countries of origin, and
taking account of the questions raised by the experts.     

Author(s):   Stephane de Tapia
ISBN:   978-92-871-6399-8 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   128 
Price:   15 Eur/ 30 USD
    + 10% postage  

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