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By initiative of the Center for Support to Reforms and Democratic
Development and Akhalkalaki TV Company “Evrika Plus”, as well as with
assistance of Javakheti Agro-Business Association “Jaba”, Community
Union “Ablar”, Centre for Legal Consultancy (Akhalkalaki representation
of the Union of Democrate-Meskhs) the humanitarian action was held to
support IDPs from the region of Shida Kartli. For the amount collected
by initiators of the action among population of Samtskhe-Javakheti
region foodstuffs, top priorities and articles of personal consumption
were bought and forwarded to Gamgeoba of Akhaltsikhe for further
distribution among IDPs registered in the district (1 300 persons). 

Similar actions will be continued in future. With this purpose recurring
money collection has been started (both cash and through bank transfers)
which will be used for providing humanitarian aid to IDPs whose
registration started in Akhalkalaki district (150 persons in accordance
with today’s data). 



Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” is deeply concerned about
attempts of the fomentation of the interethnic hatred: Russia leaves,
but leaves behind “delayed-action bombs”

PMMG carries out monitoring of the situation in the field of interethnic
relations, on the permanent basis, as well as records “hate crimes” and
cases of the hate speech. Permanent monitoring is carried out all over
Georgia with focus on the regions wit the compact settlement of the
ethnic minorities. Special attention is paid to the mentioned issue
during the recent days, when each incautious step in the informational
space and more then that explicit provocation, might lead to
irreversible effect. According to the PMMG monitoring, information
disseminated recently by Russian and some Georgian mass-media with
regard to the fact that “ethnic Armenians of the region
Samtskhe-Javakheti are ready to stand against Georgia and support
Russian army in case of attack on Tbilisi, in Akhalkalaki coordination
center is created and administrative preparations for the gaining of the
new political status are launched…”, is not true, being provocation of
blackest dye arranged by the structures benefiting from the new wave of
the tensions in the Georgian society after Russian occupational military
forces will leave.

Tomorrow, on 20th of August 2008, NGOs from Akhalkalaki will carry out
press-conference with the aim to disprove mentioned inadequate
information and call upon public to be careful and attentive to the all
attempts of the violent propaganda and hate speech in the mass-media.



Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” expresses its special thanks and
gratitude towards the Humanitarian Mission “Amkor”, management of the
Supermarket “Populi”, Greek Charity Foundation “Hypocrite” in Tbilisi,
as well as the residents of Gldani, Vazisubani and Varketili districts
for their immediate reaction and supply of foods, basic needs supplies
and for the provision of medical assistance to the Internally Displaced
Persons being under the severe conditions. The organization gathered the
information about their persisting problems through the hotline
established at its office.   



Today, on August 15, the Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” has
addressed the embassies of the Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan and
Turkey with the intention of assisting the Internally Displaced Children
from the region of Shida kartli in alleviation of emotional and
spiritual trauma and placing them at the children camps in their
respective countries in case the presence of the mentioned countries’
will and capacities. 

The Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” has also addressed the fast
food chains “Mac Donalds” and “Meniu” in order to provide the IDP with

Press-service of Public Movement “Multinational Georgia”

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