MINELRES: Request for Information: Courses, Programs on the Public Management of Diversity

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Incorporating Diversity into Public Administration Education

Managing Multiethnic Communities Program (MMCP), LGI/OSI

The Managing Multiethnic Communities Program (MMCP), a project of the
Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI) of the Open
Society Institute (OSI), Budapest, Hungary is compiling a list of degree
programs and academic courses on the public management of diversity. The
list will be used as a resource for educators, particularly (but not
exclusively) affiliated with schools and institutes of public
administration and public policy in Central and South East Europe and
the former Soviet Union. By compiling such a list, we aim to assist
educators and institutions in these regions develop courses, curriculum,
and teaching materials, and facilitate their access to existing

We are interested primarily in courses and degree programs on topics
related to the public management of diversity, including: human rights,
minority rights and public administration; langauage, multilingualism,
lingusitic diversity and public administration; equality and
non-discrimination policy; social inclusion; and conflict resolution.
The list will focus on courses and degree programs in fields of public
administration, public policy, political science, and government. 

If you have any information on such courses, please contact: Meghan
Simpson, LGI Research Associate, lgiresearch@osi.hu.

More Information

* Mananging Multiethnic Communities Program, LGI/OSI:

* MMCP: Projects on Diversity and Public Adminsitration Education:


Meghan Simpson, Research Associate
Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative
Open Society Institute
Budapest, Hungary
email: lgiresearch@osi.hu 
web: http://lgi.osi.hu

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