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COHRE awarded Greece one of three "violator" awards in 2006, and
Slovakia one of three "violator" awards in 2007, both for Roma housing
rights issues.. There has never been a COHRE "defender" or "protector"
award allocated to an activist or public body involved in human rights
protection of Roma housing rights. Nominations for any/all of these
categories would be welcome.




2008 Housing Rights Awards - Nominate Now!

&#65533; Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions

Nominations for COHRE's 2008 Housing Rights Awards - Violator, Protector
and Defender - can be made by any person or group in the world.
Nominations close *8 September 2008*.

Despite the widespread recognition of housing rights under international
human rights law, violations of housing rights continue to occur on a
massive scale. Today over one billion people live in inadequate housing
and a further 100 million are homeless on any given night. Millions more
are forcibly evicted from their homes every year.. Proper implementation
of housing rights standards also remains a key challenge.

COHRE&#65533;s annual Housing Rights Awards draw attention to some of the
world&#65533;s worst violators of housing rights and &#65533; on a more positive note
&#65533; to governments, civil society groups and individuals who have shown
exceptional commitment to enforcing and securing housing rights for
everyone, everywhere.

Each year COHRE presents three types of Housing Rights Award: the
Housing Rights Violator Award, the Housing Rights Protector Award
(presented to a government or institution) and the Housing Rights
Defender Award (presented to an individual).

COHRE welcomes nominations for each of the three annual award categories
from any person or institution wishing to submit them. Nominations must
be made using the prescribed nomination forms.

Nomination forms are available at: www.cohre.org/nominations 

Completed nominations forms should be sent to:

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