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Dear Colleagues

Your assistance circulating details below to interested parties would
be appreciated

Mary Davila
International Human Rights Network
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Human Rights Fieldwork - Principles, Strategies and Skills
Date: Sunday 26th October - Sunday 2 November 2008
Venue: National University of Ireland, Maynooth

The annual IHRN training programme "Human Rights Fieldwork - Principles,
Strategies and Skills" explores the principles underpinning effective
human rights fieldwork, enhance the skills of participants needed to
carry this out safely before/during/after armed conflict, ensure that
human rights fieldwork is relevant, effective, sustainable,
participatory and accountable, raise participants' self-awareness of
skills required to undertake international human rights fieldwork. The
training programme is intended for development and humanitarian aid
workers, civilian/military peace-keepers, NGO and IGO field staff.

The training programme will explore:
- The evolution of international human rights law & mechanisms relevant
to human rights fieldwork
- The full cycle of human rights monitoring from information gathering
to stimulating sustainable change in conflict/post-conflict environments
- Case studies for monitoring the full spectrum of civil, political,
economic, social and cultural rights
- Interviewing and reporting techniques
- Applying development programming techniques to human rights fieldwork
- Working with field partners, co-operating and building relationships
- Personal preparedness including, safety/security, stress/trauma etc
- Simulation of core field challenges, such as inter-cultural
sensitivities, teamwork, leadership etc.

Priority for applications received by 1 September 2008
For an application form, scholarship information and information on all
IHRN training programmes www.ihrnetwork.org/200709-programmes_203.htm


Justice Sector Reform: Applying Human Rights Based Approaches
Venue: National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland
Dates: Monday 22nd June ? Friday 26th June 2009

The aim of this IHRN training programme is to enhance skills of
participants in applying Human Rights Based Approaches to Justice Sector
Reform. It will facilitate the development of knowledge and skills
- legal principles, policies and practice underpinning human rights
based approaches to justice sector reform
- inter-linkages between sector actors (law enforcement, judicial,
corrections, etc)
- relationship between the justice sector and related terms such as
'security sector', 'rule of law', 'good governance'
- Human Rights Based needs assessment, programme design, implementation,
as well as mentoring, monitoring & evaluation
- Programming tools and checklists (including Human Rights Based
benchmarks and indicators of change)
- Case studies from national contexts as well as international field
missions (including conflict and post-conflict)

The programme uses a variety of facilitation techniques including
presentations by guest specialists, small group work and role-plays,
case studies, etc. The programme is highly participatory and emphasises
cross-learning among participants and practical exercises to apply
learning. While contributing their own experience, participants will
also be allocated materials for a case study to prepare for discussion.
The programme is aimed at justice sector professionals in developing and
industrialised countries, as well as international field missions:
state, non-state and international civil servants (UN agencies, EC,
etc); as well as policy advisors, project managers and consultants.

Deadline for Applications: Friday 1 May 2009
For application form, scholarship information and information on all
training programmes see www.ihrnetwork.org/200709-programmes_203.htm

Call for Experts

IHRN is currently updating its expert database at
Experts with 10+ years experience across a range of sectors, including
justice sector (peace-time, conflict and transitional contexts) are
invited to register. Assignments of varying duration, including short
term desk-based input, are offered to suitably qualified experts who
share a commitment to promoting human rights

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