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Original sender: Sergi Vilaro Valero <svilarov@uoc.edu>

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find enclosed the ADUM newsletter corresponding to April 2008. 

We would like to call your attention on its contents and look forward to
receiving your feedback.

Please receive our most grateful regards.

Sergi Vilaro
ADUM Project Research Coordination 
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 


ADUM Newsletter - April 2008

Dear friends,

We contact you again to let you know about recent developments in EU
funding possibilities, in the hope the ADUM project can become a
reference resource for those organisations and institutions willing to
undertake actions or projects where regional and minority languages are
involved (see news below).

- The ADUM Project wants to keep on offering its users the possibility
to engage in collaborative discussions aimed to establish partnerships
with a view to applying for EU co-funded projects among whose objectives
there is the promotion of European minority languages. Following this
objective, a new Blog Forum <http://aduminfo.blogspot.com/> has been
designed and made available for users of the ADUM website. You are thus
invited to visit this new online space and propose items for debate,
search for partners, offer information on your own project proposals,

- The ADUM project is willing to offer through its website a new set of
Case Studies
<http://www.adum.info/app/adum/web/05_proposals/case_studies.jsp> to
complement those currently available, in order to give updated
information on successfully funded projects under the new generation of
EU programmes
<http://www.adum.info/app/adum/servlet/adum.controller.listAreas>. We
kindly invite you, too, to let us know any example of such projects as
well as any contact details of the person/institution in charge of the
coordinating tasks. In this regard, the ADUM team is willing to collect
basic information on project proposals and the process leading to its
award of funds. In case you can help us improve our website, please
write to: svilarov@uoc.edu

- The third edition of the international conference "Building Bridges" 
(Barcelona 19-21 June 2008), which will be subtitled "Multiculturalism
and Diversity", is organized by APUNE (Association of North American
University Programs in Spain), with the collaboration of the United
States Embassy in Spain, the Commission for Cultural, Educational, and
Scientific Exchange between the United States of America and Spain
(Fulbright Program), Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de
Barcelona and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. This edition aims to provide a
forum to discuss different interpretations of the term 'multi-cultural?
within the context of the linguistic, educational and socio-cultural
aspects of study abroad. In opening up this space for discussion, APUNE
hopes to promote multiculturalism and diversity as ideal tools to work
towards respect for the values and concerns of others. Such a dialogue
can also result in individual and group enrichment as well as foster
improvement of the academic/educational aspect of our study abroad
programs. For further information, please visit:

- The continued exclusion of Spain from the list of countries where the
Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC)
2007-2008 are offered is the issue dealt with in a written request made
to the European Parliament from Catalan MEP, Mr. Ignasi Guardans. The
EILC scheme, supported by the European Commission, offers Erasmus
students the opportunity to study the language of the host country in
situ for up to 6 weeks. However, Spain, with a number of universities
where Catalan, Basque and Galician are officially used, has, despite
changes in the eligibility of languages in the new LLLP programme, still
not been selected among the 20 EU member states and three other states
where the concerned language is not even official in the EU (Turkey,
Iceland and Norway), where the EILC are offered:

We hope that the information above has been useful for you and we kindly
invite you to send it to further partners or organizations which may
take advantage of them. Apart from this, ADUM is also open to receive
information or news to be included in future ADUM newsletters. 

Finally, please inform us of any change in your email address, and also
about any other news of potential interest to the users of the website.

Best wishes,

Sergi Vilaro
ADUM Project Research Coordination 
Universitat Oberta de

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