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Dear readers, 

The first session of the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic
Review has just ended. No less than sixteen countries came under the
scrutiny of their peers. How did the process go? What went well? What
must be improved? What are the opportunities and challenges for civil
society at national level?

To answer these questions, we interviewed two Geneva-based activists,
Budi Tjahjono and Yves Lador. You will find their responses frank and
outspoken. Budi and Yves help us map out the path towards a more
effective lobbying of the Universal Periodic Review process. 

Perhaps the most useful point they underline is the crucial importance
of preparing and at national level, and following up afterwards on
monitoring of commitments taken by your government. And also how vital
it is to generate concrete, realistic and actionable recommendations,
which can then be easily put forward by the diplomats at the Human
Rights Council.

Watch the video here:

Two related points:


HURIDOCS is organising a conference, to be held in March 2009 in Geneva,

"Human Rights Council and International Criminal Court: The New
Challenges for Human Rights Communications"

The Conference will bring together representatives of human rights
organisations concerned with the collection, management and
communication of information on human rights.

The dates will coincide with the start of the March session of the
Universal Periodic Review (exact date of latter still to be set). This
will allow participants to attend both events on the same ticket.

You can already pre-register by sending an email today to

More information here: 

As some of you know, a group of Geneva-based NGOs have put together an
online dashboard which provides convenient access to all the information
about the Universal Periodic Review: calendar, country reports… and even
a direct entrance to the extranet:

Another new resource on the UPR has also recently been set up: 

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Daniel D'Esposito, Editor
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