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Roma Rights 4, 2007: Child Protection  

Child protection is a rapidly developing field in human rights; in the
last decades, both the practices and the international legal frameworks
have substantially changed and an increasing number of civic initiatives
concentrated on this topic became active. With the hope of stimulating
an international debate on child protection systems and the position of
Roma, this Roma Rights Quarterly is devoted to the topic of “Child
Protection”. Dr Maria Herczog and Dr Maria Nemenyi, who conducted
research for the ERRC report “Dis-Interest of the Child”, co-authored
the article “Romani Children and the Hungarian Child Protection System”.
This piece describes the constructive amendments to the Hungarian Child
Protection System in the last decade, and its limitations through an
analysis of data gathered during their research. Next, Hana Žurovcova
and Kumar Vishwanathan from the Roma-Czech NGO Life Together based in
Ostrava contributed, “Changes in the Czech System of Child Protection
and Hope for Children in Institutional Care”. The authors present the
experiences of their NGO in the field of child protection and support
for families endangered with the forced removal of their children in
Czech Republic. Thirdly, Lars Lindgren and Heidi Pikkarainen, experts
from the Swedish Office of the Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination
provide an introduction to the child protection problems experienced by
Roma in Western Europe in their article, “Discrimination Against Roma in
the Swedish Social System”. Next, the ERRC’s Tara Bedard, who led the
ERRC’s research on child protection and authored “Dis-Interest of the
Child”, provides a comparison of Native Canadian and Romani children in
her article, “Assessing the Right of Forcibly Separated Romani Families
to Compensation: Lessons from the Canadian Experience”. Finally, Vera
Egenberger touches upon the highly controversial issue of ethnic data
collection and child protection in her article, “Demystifying the
Collection of Ethnic Data and the Child Protection System”.


·  Protecting the Most Vulnerable (Sinan Gokcen)  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!


·  Romani Children and the Hungarian Child Protection System (Maria
Herczog and Maria Nemenyi)   
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!

·  Changes in the Czech System of Child Protection and Hope for Children
in Institutional Care (Hana Žurovcova and Kumar Vishwanathan)  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!

·  Discrimination against Roma in the Swedish Social System (Lars
Lindgren and Heidi Pikkarainen)  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!

·  Assessing the Right of Forcibly Separated Romani Families to
Compensation: Lessons from the Canadian Experience (Tara Bedard)  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!

·  Demystifying the Collection of Ethnic Data and the Child Protection
System (Vera Egenberger) 
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 

Urgent Action

·  The Sulukule Affair: Roma against Expropriation (Hacer Foggo)  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 

News Roundup: Snapshots from around Europe

·  Bosnia and Herzegovina * Czech Republic * European Union * Finland *
France * Greece * Hungary * Italy * Kosovo * Macedonia * Romania *
Russia * Serbia * Slovakia * Switzerland * Turkey * United Kingdom  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 


·  Hungary’s New Minorities Ombudsman Seeks Broader Mandate, Interview
with Mr Erno Kallai  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!

·  Life in the Aftermath of State Care, Interview with Mr Jozsef Galyas  
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 

Legal Defense

·  A Fresh Wind Across the Prairie – The European Court of Human Rights
Acknowledges Systemic Discrimination in the Case of Education of Romani
Children from the Czech Republic (Andi Dobrushi) 
View it (Acrobat pdf format)!

·  Pyrrhic Legal Victories: ERRC Litigation Outcomes in 2007 (Theodoros
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 


·  The Start of an Ambitious Initiative: Implementing a New Approach to
Policy-Making in Bulgaria (Dr Svetlana Tacheva) 
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 

Human Rights Education

·  Training Programmes Conducted within the Framework of the
ERRC/hCa/EDROM Roma Rights Project in Turkey (Ebru Uzpeder) 
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 

Meet the ERRC

·  Let’s See Action - Theodoros Alexandridis 
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Romani Language Publication

·  Romane Chavore ande e Ungriako Chavorengo Protekcijako Sistemo 
View it (Acrobat pdf format)! 


·   View it (Acrobat pdf format)!


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