MINELRES: The ruling Moldovan Communists are persecuting the Gagauz ethnic movement

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April 11 2008

Yedinaya Gaguzia Movement warns on protests
The social movement "Yedinaya Gagauzia" warns it is likely to unfold  
protests in case of invalidating the elections in the constituencies  
where its supporters were elected as local parliamentarians, Info-Prim  
Neo reports.

A communique issued by Yedinaya Gagauzia's executive committee reads  
that the representatives of the central authorities largely used  
administrative resources in the elections in the autonomous area.  
Especially in the runoff, on March 30, employees of the  
law-enforcement organs interfered into the ballot and exerted  
pressures on voters.

The movement?s representatives maintain they hold information on the  
further use of administrative resources, the pressure being now  
exerted on the newly elected parliamentarians who support the  
movement. In case the latter ones don?t give in, pressure is exerted  
on courts to invalidate the elections in their constituencies.

The social movement "Yedinaya Gagauzia" states that, in case  
pressures are exerted on courts not to recognize the mandate of the  
legally elected MPs, "supporters of our movement reserve the right to  
organize protest meetings and to take adequate measures to defend  
democracy, the citizens' rights and freedoms."

Yedinaya Gagauzia requests the representatives of the OSCE and of  
diplomatic missions accredited to Moldova to support the validation of  
the results of the runoff for the local People?s Assembly.

Info-Prim Neo

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